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October 2023 Newsletter

eclipse during night time

Eclipse Season! October month will be interesting as it’s a bit of great, a bit of change, a bit of challenge and a bit of focus.

Saturn transit through Pisces

Closeup Photo of Sprout

Ideally, we want Sustainable Growth to be the outcome of Saturn’s transit through Pisces. How can we achieve this with the vastness of Pisces and the restrictive nature of Saturn?

September 2023 Newsletter

full moon and gray clouds during nighttime

Wow what an amazing spectacle seeing the Super Blue Moon with Saturn and all his moon’s just on her left. The next one of this magnitude will be in 2037.

August 2023 Newsletter

Moon shining on dark sky

August will see a rare super blue moon; a blue moon is unique because it’s the fifth full moon of the season, or the “extra” moon. Normally, this occurs only every 2½ years. The second full moon in a month also has been known as a “blue moon”.

July 2023 Newsletter

Planet Jupiter

How can we describe the Month of June, it was hard it was challenging, things actually happened but with a lot of effort.

June 2023 Newsletter

astrology, divination, chart-993127.jpg

May was very difficult as so much happened and we needed to pull on every bit of energy to get by.

May 2023 Newsletter

sun, mercury, space

A lot is happening this month of May. We may be feeling a tad uncomfortable, at time uncertain and a little lost.

What are Transiting Planets in Astrology?

north star, stars, night

Transit is way we refer to the orbiting planets above us. The word transit means movement. Transits are how we refer to the mass movement of all planets as they orbit around us.

April 2023 Newsletter

person holding black and green compass pointing to west

With 2 major planets shifting signs towards the end of March, we have all felt a big energy shift. This has brought about a sense that we have entered a new way of life which brings about a level of uncertainty.

March Newsletter 2023

red Wrong Way signage on road

What an interesting month we can expect this March with both restrictive, disciplined Saturn as well as Pluto changing signs.

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