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October 2023 Newsletter

eclipse during night time
Eclipse Season! October month will be interesting as it’s a bit of great, a bit of change, a bit of challenge and a bit of focus.

We will experience two eclipses this month. The first will be an Annular Solar Eclipse; this is the birth of a New Moon in Libra. It will not be visible in South Africa.

Eclipses bring about shifts of energy and a new Moon offers a new beginning. As it is happening in Libra this eclipse brings a theme or one to one relationships and a desire for harmonious energy.

We can find the balance in our connections with the people we have close relationships with; renew our commitments to each other to find the harmony that is needed in our lives with other.

It is a time to move away from negative people. If you find yourself compromising just to keep the peace, stop it! Understand that Libra sees both sides of the story and understands how to be diplomatic and fair so both parties achieve a happy and harmonious outcome.

The second eclipse is a Partial Lunar Eclipse so the full Moon will not be totally immersed in the shadow of the earth. It will be visible in South Africa. It will begin on Saturday the 28th of October at 8: 03pm, be at its fullest by 9: 38pm and all over by 10: 48pm.

This eclipse is a culmination of the energy of the Solar Eclipse, where we now need to take the time to experience how the transformation we are working on in relationships can be re-birthed into desirable, practical and stable working connections.

As it is Eclipse season we are seeing Super Moons, this means the Moon is very close to earth it is much larger in size than usual. This exerts a lot of pressure on Earth and brings about changeable harsh weather patterns, Earthquakes as well as hyper volcanic energy.

If this happens to our planet it is happening to us. We are feeling under pressure, stressed and uncomfortable, short in temper or just overemotional. This is why it is so important to understand each other and to balance the frustration we see in each other with kindness and diplomacy.

Avoid feeding into the outbursts and frustrations of others; find your harmony in nature, art and beauty. Nature can offer us such beauty and as part of this planet we need to find that beauty within and then we can see the potential in others.

Sometimes a sad looking pot plant just needs some water for it to perk up into a beautiful vibrant plant. Try to fill people up with positive vibes, to do this we need to empty ourselves of negative feelings towards others.

All the outer planets are retrograde from Jupiter to Pluto. When a planet goes retrograde is slows in motion and its natural power can diminish and this can influence our lives in certain ways. We can be more introspective and start thinking, feeling and acting in a deeper more specific way.

The outer planets retrograde far longer than the faster closer planets, this give us time to think things through. We need to take into consideration the nature of the planet and the area in which it is travelling in our charts.

For example Jupiter the planet of expansion is retrograding in Taurus, we need to be practical about how and where we can grow, if it is in the area of your health then look at ways you can become healthier and stronger. If it is in the area of your daily chores, what a great time to relook at your routines and make them more practical giving you more time for other important areas of life.

These retrograding planets are in a good way highlighting areas of our lives where improvement is needed and as they are slow we have the time to act. One astrologer mentioned that retrograde planets are a form of cosmic cleansing.

When a planet retrogrades it moves closer to earth, so we are feeling a lot of pressure to act on the will of the planets, especially with the Moon adding to the pressure. This is why many of us are feeling so tired or as one person said, she feels as if life has become heavier than normal.


Procrastination is not commonly seen as a health condition in itself, it is connected to certain mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Procrastination Syndrome is an actual thing! It is when there is a chronic tendency to postpone chores, decisions and actions. Studies have shown that it is associated with various causes, such as anxiety and fear of failure, and can lead to various issues, such as increased stress which in turn leads to negative financial outcomes.

If procrastination is a serious problem in your life seek help from your doctor. But to help us that are just putting things off because it all seems too much there are ways.

These retrogrades are saying we need to prioritise, to do things in small bites, one step at a time. Face the most urgent and finish that before even thinking of the next task. Avoid overloading yourself with too many tasks as they become overwhelming, so rather plan a step by step approach.

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Laurie Naughtin

Laurie Naughtin

Astrologer specialized in traditional, horary, and election astrology. Also experienced in magic and weather astrology. Principal and teacher at Sublunar Astrology Academy. Additionally, a tarot teacher and reader.

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