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August 2023 Newsletter

Moon shining on dark sky
August will see a rare super blue moon; a blue moon is unique because it’s the fifth full moon of the season, or the “extra” moon. Normally, this occurs only every 2½ years. The second full moon in a month also has been known as a “blue moon”.

“Once in a blue moon” is a common expression that has been used for a long time, and which means ‘not very often,’ or ‘very rarely. ‘

Full Moons express a culmination of our monthly lunar cycle producing an overload of emotional climaxes as well as enlightenment of personal growth. Feelings are at an all-time high at a full Moon, we are at the peak of our game and as the Moon waxes we need to take time to exhale and let what the past has brought manifest.

With the first full Moon in Aquarius it can trigger our place or role we play in society as well as a need for personal freedom to express this personal role we wish to play in society.

Jupiter is fixed practical Taurus is squaring this full Moon, so expect manifestations to be slow and practical. Life will show you the truth this month and though it may not be part of what you have in mind, reality kicks in and taking time to accept that you are not in control but can carefully take control of the direction things are going.

Mercury will help as he is moving into Virgo where putting in a system or plan can certainly help. We begin the Month with Mercury opposite Saturn this can help us take a bit of control of the way things are going. Both will bring about disagreements in conversations but being in flexible signs seeing both sides of the situation is possible.

Mercury will retrograde in Virgo this Month and this is a great time to reorganize our lives, but things can take longer than expected and with Mars in Virgo in the early part of the Month we do need to hold back on our impatience and criticism.

Jupiter will aspect Mercury in a positive way a few times during this Mercury retrograde which is a fabulous thing as we will be able to pull ourselves together towards the latter part of the month. Re-focus and grow in a practical positive manner.

With Saturn in Pisces, a water sign, and retrograde it is no surprise we are experiencing problems with water, from flooding and due to breakdowns and repairs. This will not go away fast so it is a great time to have a look at your water situation. Get some JoJo tanks and start the process of using the rain water we can collect or if you are living on a stream, look at borehole water.

We have seen a recurring outbreak of cholera and waterborne diseases so it would be wise to stick to drinking purified water.

Saturn in Pisces is also responsible for experiencing an excess of sensitive emotions that can restrict your reaction to situations. It can bring about situations that take so much longer than normal. Wherever Pisces is in your charts you may feel this energy preventing this area of your life from being fully express expressed.

With Venus the planet of relationships, desire and beauty retrograding in Leo, we may feel a need to vamp up our looks or even our love life. We do need to take care in these areas as we may be faced with situations that are no longer exciting, or seek for results that just are not as great as you thought they would be.

This Venus retrograde period really does highlight the relationships you are in. It is time to perhaps clean out the rubble and find time for those people in your life that truly connect with you. You may even encounter connections from the past that could prove valuable.

If you want to do something radical to enhance your body, best to wait till September when Venus is moving in her normal motion. We may have many things we desire to do that make life more exciting, yet find there is just not the time to do it or too many obstacles stand in your way, yup, this retrograde Venus will have that effect.

Mid month we may find that these restrictions lift and what we have wanted starts to take shape as we see a new way experiencing a more desirable way of achieving what we desire.

The 2nd full Moon of August, our Blue Moon will be in Pisces. Pisces is a super sensitive sign, we need to be aware of hypersensitive emotions. These emotions can become a magnet for attracting other people’s negativity, pain as well emotional discomfort. The positive is to see this and heal it with understanding and compassion by simply listening to problems compassionately.


With the Sun in Leo and experiencing a winter that can dry our eyes more than normal, whilst the winter Sun seems so much brighter and sharper, it is not a bad idea to start to protect your eyes.

The first most important form of protection is simply dark glasses. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, as they also help protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light.

Excessive UV exposure can damage the eyes. UV light can also increase a person’s risk of Cataracts, eyestrain, eye cancer and certain growths. 

When purchasing sunglasses, it is essential to choose a pair with adequate UV protection. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat is another way to protect the eyes from UV light.It is also important to remember that UV rays can pass through clouds and occur all-year round, even in winter.

Remember to take a break from too much screen time, do some eye exercises that can help to relax your eyes. When I was looking up eye exercises I found a large variety of rather fun eye exercises, loved the idea of eye pencil pushups. Here is the link

I wish you all well during August, and remember when things are not going your way, take time to relax, then try again.

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Astrologer specialized in traditional, horary, and election astrology. Also experienced in magic and weather astrology. Principal and teacher at Sublunar Astrology Academy. Additionally, a tarot teacher and reader.

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