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April 2023 Newsletter

person holding black and green compass pointing to west
With 2 major planets shifting signs towards the end of March, we have all felt a big energy shift. This has brought about a sense that we have entered a new way of life which brings about a level of uncertainty.

I have noticed many of my clients and family members are feeling demotivated and a touch lost. It is as if life or the way forward is shrouded in a cloud. Things seem to be working out differently to what we actually perceived. Some may feel heaviness and find it difficult to get going.

Saturn can be somewhat restrictive so wherever Saturn is brings about a type of heaviness. Saturn has just moved into Pisces, a sign that loves dreaming, joy and freedom. Saturn just entering this sign is akin to the headmaster walking into a classroom of happy rowdy kids…suddenly there is silence as they all stand to attention just to see what this situation beholds.

If you use this energy positively we can certainly bring a bit of discipline and focus to our dreams and in time face uncertainty as we can no longer ignore issues. Saturn will give us a more disciplined way of dealing with what life throws at us; no more sweeping things under the carpet or procrastinating, Saturn does not tolerate day dreams or laziness.

This is brilliant energy if you are a journalist or writer; many sinister plots will be pouring out of news networks exposing those that have hidden under the radar for years, especially with Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto has just entered Aquarius the intellectual social and innovative sign, as Pluto puts his foot in the door we can pick up on what fate through destruction for renewal he could bring during his 20 year journey through Aquarius.

With the ruler of Pluto Saturn in Pisces we may see some more Pokémon like creatures appearing in the fantasy. Thos of us with creative technical minds, this is a fabulously great time for you to let your imagination in the Artificial Intelligence world run free.

I do think we need to guard against isolating ourselves from others; we need to keep our personal groups going and connect on a personal level. Somehow the group meetings have become more online and impersonal which leads to a feeling of loneliness for many.

Mars moved into Cancer after 8 long months in Gemini, when planets ingress into a new sign it creates a chaotic energy until it settles into the nature of the sign it goes through.

Mars is our action planet and in Cancer the action will be emotionally driven on a need basis. As Cancer is a cardinal action driven sign so Mars will tend to want to defend and protect against any emotional slight. Mars in Cancer does not really have a clear course of action yet needs to act somehow, this somehow leads us to want to overreact from a an emotional needy stance and is some cases internalize hurts to the detriment of one’s health.

We will experience a fear as the loss of our material flow starts to affect us in a big way this month. The solution is to focus on how we manage our money and spending. Rather safe than sorry. This theme will go on all year, so don’t be rash with your money and investment. Impulse spending will need to be controlled and those working with Bit coin or such financial modalities need to be very careful.

We rightly can start feeling a loss in confidence in our support systems and even within ourselves this Month. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to plan things carefully as nothing will happen quickly, generally tasks are going to take longer than usual.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that we just cannot understand or even come to terms with. Just understand that even large corporations are feeling uncomfortable and not too clear about the way forward.

With Jupiter and the exalted Sun in Aries coming together in a powerful conjunction around the 10th, we can use this one day of hyper energy to feel and use our own leadership skill to our advantage. 

Let’s just have a look at finances, Jupiter the big financial Planet is in Aries not faring very well. The Sun is also in Aries and it can burn away the energy of a planet in its path. Right now the Sun is moving towards Jupiter will only move away from Jupiter from mid month. Jupiter will still feel the burnt up energy when the eclipse in Aries happens this Month.

With an Eclipse we feel the energy from up to a month or two before. As I am writing this the top news is our huge increase in inflation, as with many countries worldwide we are having a financial crisis.

We will experience this Solar Eclipse on the 20th starting at 3 34am and ending with the Moon squaring Pluto at 8 59am. It will not be visible to South Africans. With the Eclipse being in Aries we are seeing people, politicians etc, fighting for power more aggressively than ever.

With the Moon going from Aries to Taurus and squaring Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius we can actually feel that Pluto the planet of major change is activating this Eclipse in a big.

Eclipses bring about change for new, especially when we have new Moon eclipse, add to this the Pluto square and end for renewal is amplified. Some major changes are going to happen in all areas of life.

One thing that is concerning is the breakdown of humanity, with the occurrence of Artificial Intelligence, more and more jobs are being lost. We are turning to technology as a mainstay of survival and Bots seem to be directing our lives.

This Eclipse is one that is already bringing about one major crisis after the other be it weather, political or medical, the biggest worry is the shift of financial instability worldwide. This will only stabilize mid June.

To add to the eclipse woes we have Mercury going slowly right now as he moves towards his shadow and retrograde period in the fixed ponderous sign of Taurus. Mercury is about travel and connections, busy marketing or getting things done.

Mercury will come to a stop in the sky before retrograding in a backwards motion. This will happen close to Uranus so we can expect the unexpected to hamper our plans. The unexpected will on many levels create unforeseen delays in projects and generally and getting our day to day chores done.

Wow this Month is just not going to be easy, nor will May so slower your pace and plan for daily cores, tasks etc. to take longer than usual.


As Mars is in Cancer I did a bit of research on emotional pain as more and more people are becoming psychologically as well as physically sick because of emotional suffering.

To my surprise I found that the queen of flowers, the Rose has the power to help manage emotional illness, be it negative self talk, trauma, bullying, spiritual abuse or ethical illness.

I looked for a magical remedy and came across Samael Aun Weor’s book Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic and this is what he advises:

All that is needed are three roses, three glasses, water, and a willingness to pray for help.

It is always best to cut your own wild or homegrown roses whenever possible, and roses that smell good are the best of all. It is better to avoid store bought roses as they are often treated with unsafe chemicals, unless you can find untreated ones. It is possible to buy organic or untreated roses at some florists and grocers.

Roses have an extraordinary healing power. Drinking blessed rose water is perfectly natural, has no side effects, and is free. This is a very easy yet powerful treatment that stabilizes and strengthens our emotional center, and can be used as long as it is needed.

Place three glasses filled with pure water on a table with one rose in each glass. Arrange the glasses in a triangle, with one glass towards the north, another towards the east and another towards the west.

This treatment must be accompanied by sincere prayer to divinity for help to become free from the pain or affliction.

Each glass must be blessed by the person performing this rite.

The patient will drink the three glasses of rose water daily in the following sequence: before breakfast drink the glass of water that faces the east. Before lunch drink the glass of water that faces the north, and before dinner drink the glass of water that faces the West.

Any emotional pain, as grave as it might be, will be cured with this formula, which can be repeated for as many days as are necessary.

Apparently there is quite a lot of information on how Roses and rosewater can be a great help in emotional pain.

I personally used pure essential rose oils to massage people who were feeling deeply emotional.

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Laurie Naughtin

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