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March Newsletter 2023

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What an interesting month we can expect this March with both restrictive, disciplined Saturn as well as Pluto changing signs.

Many of us may be feeling a bit discombobulated or out of sorts without knowing why. Decisions seem to be on one hand frantic and urgent, yet for some reason cannot take hold.

This is what happens when planets reach the end of their journey through a sign, especially if they have been there for a long time. They have gained a momentum and suddenly on the 8th Saturn moves into Pisces.

Now Saturn in Aquarius was focused, a bit detached about humanity and just obsessed with getting his point across in an innovated disciplined way. Pisces energy could not be more different as Pisces is flexible, sometimes too flexible with a complete dislike of boundaries.

Saturn will be in Pisces for nearly 3 years where we may go through certain spiritual phases and find that we are more able to ground our fantasies with a good dose of reality. Though we may suffer the pain or joy of others as experiences interplay with your own, Saturn in Pisces enables us to become more practical and not get lost in each other’s or your own idealism for too long.

I feel that the Pisces areas in our charts will become more focused in their flexibility; this is where we can make a dream a reality. Writers and film makers will gain a momentum that can be fantasy with that touch of reality.

On the other hand Saturn in Pisces can expose all hidden atrocities; certain people that have been riding the waves of deception are in for a reality check.

Journalists will lose their fear and enjoy delving into the forbidden areas of the so well guarded leaders, bringing to our attention the real picture and truth of false leaders hiding in the murky waters of Pisces.

Structure and discipline enters into the hidden place of no boundaries and I am so excited to see what these next 3 years brings to politics.

This year with the ruler Jupiter in Aries we can see an almost militant attack going down as exposure and anger trigger action.

There are many uncomfortable people out there having to face their reality. Mercury our thinking planet will be conjunct or connected to Saturn for the first two days of March where we personally may be taking a step back and think about what life has all been about, and how to move into a new way of life.

This Month we will feel the connection of Mars applying to conjunction Neptune square in Gemini ruled by the Mercury who is still being controlled by restrictive Saturn.

This is a she says he says situation, where there can be chaos and confusion in communication, bullshit baffles brains situations develop and this just continues to hold things back from developing. In fact in our country with the big Eskom expose of corrupt poloticions, it will feel like rats running wild as their den has been exposed.

Mars is still causing issues in Gemini and personally we are still feeling these uncomfortable situations as the whole month Mars will be squaring Neptune, at times bringing into our lives an out of control and into a chaotic panic action, but if we can try to understand that this is an uncertain month we will need to find a way to ride it out. Remember we are all feeling this way.

The full Moon in Virgo will happen as Saturn enters Pisces and with the Moon in Virgo a bit of a reality check sets in where stories need to have an organised systematic focus that can bring the real deal to light. Personally if we approach this crazy life with a bit of an organised plan we may cope better

Pluto is a planet that calls for change and what he brings is lasting changes, sometimes in a most unpleasant manner. It often feels as if an ending must take place for us to find growth. He is popping into Aquarius on the 24th then stationing before retrograding.

Yup for sure we can experience some major shifts. Building up to the destructive action of Pluto in Aquarius, we can already see a type of drone warfare taking place in the Russian Ukraine war…where will this lead?

This short 3 month period may give us some insight of what we may see coming from Pluto in Aquarius in the next 20 years. When Pluto fully enters Aquarius life as we know it will be a thing of the past.

There is a lot of noise going around about the changes Pluto will bring about in technology. Bots answering questions and internet literally taking over the role of people and as its early days literally messing things up and causing distress.

When Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd Pluto will carry themes of information technology, systems of power, science and communal potency with it. Social media will carry a new form of toxicity with it as freedom of speech can become destructive to the masses.

So to say the least this is an uncomfortable month or two. We need to be on top of our internet banking and to fully understand how we have lost our freedom of personal information flying all over the world. Yes we are being controlled by smart phones and such, to fight this may leave us alone in this big old world, but the shift is to know we are being watched and to manage just how little info we can get away with giving.

I must say I am looking at the positive side of the loss of human one on one meetings, I meet people from all over the world via a computer. Less and less societies get together as groups anymore. Yet more and more information can be shared in a very positive way.


With Pluto in Aquarius this month, it is actually a human sign. It is a time to see what we can do that can change our longevity. Anti aging will become the in thing way to look at how we can prolong our lives.

Strong bones are the key to a longer life!

Many are taking collagen which promises stronger bones and joint, at 50 our bone breakdown outpaces bone growth and loss accelerates. Exercising at a gym where we need to use our strength is vital to promote strong and healthy bones, add this to substitutes we can certainly prolong bone growth.

So we need to see the value of weigh baring or resistance training such as hikes, walking, dancing and then of course eating correctly. Calcium as a form of real food like milk, nuts, eggs, cheese, oily fish like pilchards, where we can eat the bones, are all vital for bone strength.

I went to see a geriatric specialist in my late 40’s to see how to prevent familiar osteoporosis. He said it was simple, don’t smoke, eat fresh green leafy vegetables and foods high in calcium and don’t forget to take vitamin D. Coffee, oh dear it’s not great as caffeine in excess is known to break down our bones.

But most important exercise is vital for bone growth. I will see you at spinning followed by a caffeine free coffee with almond milk. I am sure wine gums are brilliant for bone growth.

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