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May 2023 Newsletter

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A lot is happening this month of May. We may be feeling a tad uncomfortable, at time uncertain and a little lost.

We are experience the combined energies of the previous solar eclipse, Mercury retrograde, Pluto station retrograde, Jupiter changing sign and on the Eve of the 5th we will experience a Lunar Eclipse. That’s enough to make the most stoic jittery.

Though this eclipse begins at 5:51pm will full Magnitude at 7:22pm and will be visible in South Africa it is a penumbral lunar eclipse. This means that the eclipse passes through the outer shadow of Earth the Moon will have a very slight shadow not visible to the naked eye.

Lunar eclipse happens when the Moon is full, it is full in Scorpio one of the most sensitive Moons. We may find that we feel things more deeply than usual and could emotionally over react to certain situations.

This eclipse brings the Moon, emotions, in fall in Scorpio ruled by Mars, action, also in fall in Cancer which could bring out a lot of heightened emotions that could be expressed in a somewhat angry way. Stuff we have tried to bury and deal with personally will come up or others we may notice become hyper emotional. In a way we get to see how certain people are emotionally suffering and we can help cleanse the air and set them free.

A lot of the issues we are feeling in our relationships, regards lovers may come to a head, is it time to call our love life what it is, or literally face the truth of what is real and what is fantasy. The ruler of the Sun in the Eclipse is after all Venus, the planet of love in the thinking sign of Gemini, and Venus will be square Neptune one of the most deceptive of planets the day before the eclipse so take off the rose colored glasses and see reality.

As eclipses bring about shifts, this eclipse has the Moon in Scorpio, the sign know for then need for transformation. An interesting Astrologer who has studied the effects, David Ovason mentions that when and eclipse actually aspects a point in your personal birth chart it can bring about great transformative opportunities.

He gives the example of Walt Disney who had his North Node in Scorpio, when a lunar eclipse made a partile conjunction aspect to this nodal point in his chart it literally triggered his rise to fame. Instead of fearing change we need to learn to embrace3 the power change can bring if we are prepared to put in the effort and overcome fear.

Making big decisions is not advisable this month with Mercury fully retrograde in Taurus. We may be tempted into making some big decision either financially or just tempted to spend our money on something desirable. Rather do some research and getting things organised before committing or signing on the dotted line.

It is a great time to do research especially for historians. Going back to the past a researching information you may have forgotten. You may be surprised what you could find as you look back or delve through long forgotten boxes of information you have sorted away.

It will safe to commit to a deal, sign documents or buy new appliances, cars etc. from mid May. All the work and research we put in during this Mercury will be well worth the challenges Mercury retrograde presented us.

Mid May will be an interesting time as Jupiter moves into Taurus as Mercury goes direct in Taurus a sign that is stable and focused, we will start to feel a bit more secure. We will have the ability to make solid new plans.

As Jupiter enters Taurus he will square Pluto, who challenges us to make changes, so what has not worked before, we can now resuscitate by focusing on a solid plan. In this way we will achieve a tangible result that brings growth. 

Enjoyment of artists and crafts as we see the effort and patience put into transforming an object into beauty will be appreciated.

Hard work will be rewarded; we do need to pull back from being too greedy around the time Mars joins Jupiter squaring Pluto all in fixed signs. Be aware of the power struggles that two stubborn opposing parties can be fierce as we the drive to get more, be more and indulge more can.

The positive side is these planets are all in fixed signs so the ability to focus is powerful. Set goals and focus, there is no need to rush, do the job properly success is almost a given.

We need to start to enjoy nature and the physical world as Jupiter in Taurus the earthiest of signs shows us the gifts our material world can give. Just be aware that Jupiter in Taurus will enjoy the simple pleasure of food, overindulgence may be a common theme.

Pluto is in his station going retrograde as of the 1st of May. Pluto is the planet representing ends and rebirth that can have many of us grappling with our egos or self image as upsets challenge us to face our own shortcomings. Pluto triggers a type of fear of the unknown that can be confusing, especially during a Mercury retrograde.

 The power Pluto brings is the ability to conquer our own fears and shortcomings by facing our own truth. Situations will arise that in a way can show us up, ouch, our shortcomings made public is not great. But owning your weakness can only make you stronger.

Pluto in Aquarius will have a transformative effect on humans, in a way Pluto in Aquarius has been quoted as being ‘transformative humanity’. There are a lot of positive sifts in technology that can help humanity. With Saturn in Pisces the people who are into graphic design can really hone in on this energy and become super creative.

The excess issues with water that is destructive and taking many lives has intensified since Saturn entered the mutable water sign Pisces. Some countries are in severe drought others floods. In South Africa due to load shedding the water cannot get to households, we are being deprived of our basic need.

Saturn in Pisces can also bring about a lot of fake news or exaggerated stories, especially with a Mercury Retrograde, so avoid believing everything you hear in the media and avoid spreading gossip; it may just come back and bite you.

A month that has a shaky start, can end with on a positive note if we can embrace the robust and focused energy the planets will bring..


The emergence of some super viral infections are making people very ill, they are highly contagious. Covid though we have immunity is still very active, especially in the cold seasons.

As there is no isolation rules in place, masks have gone and hand washing a thing of the past we are vulnerable.

It is almost impossible to prevent getting ill. What makes us extremely vulnerable is swollen mucosa, so those susceptible to environmental allergies will be susceptible.

I mentioned this before but will again, several studies have shown evidence of the effectiveness of nasal irrigation for treating both acute and chronic sinusitis, as well as allergies. Saltwater also restores moisture and eases inflammation of the mucous membranes that line your sinuses thereby lessening a mucosa that allows viral infections.

I found this article very informative

Till next time, keep well.

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