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Saturn transit through Pisces

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Ideally, we want Sustainable Growth to be the outcome of Saturn’s transit through Pisces. How can we achieve this with the vastness of Pisces and the restrictive nature of Saturn?
Pisces, we have all experienced as an imaginative sign, it is sensitive to the needs of others, compassionate, kind, and selfless. This most intuitive sign is almost unworldly because it is the most spiritual sign in the Zodiac. It calls us to heed our inner self and communicate through prayer and meditation with our soul. Jung called it the collective unconscious, and it is in this sign that Christianity had its origin.

At the same time, it can also be overly idealistic, secretive, vague, and seen as weak-willed, or easily led. It is a sign of escapism, when one wants to get away from the outer world, be it by hiding or being alone in one’s own space.

Many books and talks have been made about Saturn because each person is tested by Saturn regularly. In a nutshell, Saturn lays down the law, it adheres more to the letter than the spirit of the law. Pisces being an adaptable watery sign would rather look to the spirit of the law leaving the tyrant Saturn high and dry and even out of pocket. This going to be a time where we balance the books so to speak or settle our accounts.

Saturn is the planet that through the experience of downfall brings one to take personal responsibility for oneself.  One can see in this transit that Pisces is cold and wet, while Saturn is cold and dry, that together they could cause an environment of the slippery slope for many during this transit period.

This could become a clash between Saturn planet of limitations and Pisces which knows no boundaries, the classical overbearing parent, that becomes the criticizing voice, blocking the voice of the inner voice related to the spirit. It takes hard work to overcome this and overcome the boundaries set by our parents, institutions, and society which we must do as an adult, but this period can induce a state of depression. We can turn the critic into a mentor over the years and through difficult experiences.

Saturn and Pisces do have some commonality, in that both can be isolating, Saturnians are isolated through punishment, or feelings of guilt, of being found guilty of something, whereas Pisces is related to escapism, through addiction issues especially if Neptune is also involved.

How can Pisces and Saturn work together, because they are so polarised and the only thing they have in common is hiding away from the world? As usual, nature shows us a way for this to happen.

Beavers build dams and lodges using tree branches, vegetation, rocks and mud; they chew down trees for building material. Dams restrict water flow, and lodges serve as shelters. Their infrastructure creates wetlands used by many other species, and because of their effect on other organisms in the ecosystem, beavers are considered a keystone species.”- Taken from Wikipedia

Saturn ruler of Capricorn has access to nature which means the laws of nature will be of value to Saturn during this period, even the slippery slope mud is useful during this period. Saturn has experience with the earth, and it can be fruitful especially if you look glyph of Ceres, which is partially also the glyph of Saturn. But we must remember to restrict the flow of Pisces partially, not create an insurmountable barrier because the flow must always be available to us, for all organisms to flourish.

In this way we create that sustainable flow of the river while, also building a structure that can serve as a container from which others can share in the bounty of nature. This was also used in successfully in farming practices in Egypt and the Nile River, sustaining and serving their communities the whole year round even through floods.

The Nile by Creator: Khaled Desouki

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