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July 2023 Newsletter

Planet Jupiter
How can we describe the Month of June, it was hard it was challenging, things actually happened but with a lot of effort.

Some of us felt the need to just let go, others pushed through and had to try to motivate those who are inclined to chill when the going gets hard.

What is happening in the heavens? Jupiter the planet that loves growth and expansion is in the most fixed earthy sign of Taurus. Growth needs to be practical and can happen at a slower pace than normal.

So we need to see what planet Jupiter is looking to show us how to create growth. That planet is Venus and she goes retrograde on the 22nd of July. She has slowed in motion in the fixed fire sign of Leo. This can bring about a bit of a time lag as well a preference to focus on all things desirable.

What is this telling us? We need to reconsider the area of our lives where our creative energy manifests. We will notice both tasteful and distasteful behavior in the way people we are connected to are behaving, including ourselves.

Venus is all about relationships, lovers and social contracts as well as delicately charged contracts. During the Venus retrograde we can experience important turning points with regards to the connections we form with others. These turning points range from business, relationships, partnerships and marriage as well as social connects with others.

The affect relationships have on various area of our life will intensify, we may experience a resurfacing of past relationships and some of us will be reconsidering the value certain of social groups and partners that we are involved in actually bring to us.

When Venus goes retrograde it does encourage all things Venus to go against the grain. This would be love, music, art and writing. Many conspirators could come to the fore; journalism will be fascinating as it uncovers all sorts of underhanded naughty behavior.

Very tempting time when Venus retrogrades as love affairs develop at a rapid pace and the desire just to have fun and be naughty is very tempting. Affairs will be appealing, but you may just be found out…

Another situation that can arise is the breaking of social norms and rules. The type of rules we are talking about are more about social conventions and relationship related than legal.

Saturn is now fully retrograde giving us a chance to have a look as to how we best can bring a bit of discipline into the areas of our lives that are more porous. What we will have noticed is how certain events or people have managed unsettle us, now is a time to take note of this and put things in place to bring about discipline and focus.

Just before the Venus retrograde on the 22nd of this month some of us may experience feeling attacked or criticized over one or other issue. Take note of this as this is where you will find the courage to do something to give you a better hold on that area of your life.

To manage this month will take a bit more effort than usual; just keep moving in the right direction step by challenging step.

You may find yourself reconnection with some old partners or friends, or repairing broken relationships, which is never a bad thing.

Whatever you want to do that is desirable, creative and energizing, now is a great time to do your research and to embrace your creative project. When Venus retrogrades in Leo we are allowed to be a bit self centered and to look at creative ways of expression. But do watch out for dramatic temper tantrums when an unkind remark rains on your parade.


It is cold and many of the foods that are warming and indulgent are very appealing, especially with Venus in Leo. Eating the wrong food can increase you cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a silent killer as it gradually clogs up our veins.

I discovered an interesting powerful antioxidant called Amla, it comes in a powder and it is said that if you have a teaspoon a day for 3 weeks your cholesterol levels can drop from 35 -45 percent. This is a similar result seen with statin tablets so well worth trying.

Amla is an Indian gooseberry; it is made from fine leaves of the gooseberry fruit. Amla powder, also known as Amalaki powder, is a youth elixir with anti- inflammatory, antiseptic, and regenerating properties. It is a source of vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates, iron, fibre, phosphorus, and other nutrients read some more about it with this link.

I am super keen in trying this out as it is also nutritious facemask as well as helping with hair growth and vitality. After all with Venus in Leo let’s get creative with beautifying ourselves and strengthening our hearts.

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