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What are Transiting Planets in Astrology?

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Transit is way we refer to the orbiting planets above us. The word transit means movement. Transits are how we refer to the mass movement of all planets as they orbit around us.

I got this description from NASA: Most known planets have been discovered using the transit method. A transit occurs when a planet passes between a star and its observer. Transits within our solar system can be observed from Earth.

A perfect example is by observing the daily movement of the Moon, she moves between 11 to 15 degrees a day through a Zodiac sign. We can observe her waxing and waning cycles from earth. The Sun we see rising and setting everyday and the times change daily.

There are times when we can observe Venus in the early evenings, sometimes nestled in a crescent Moon. When Venus, after a retrograde motion, becomes a morning start those of us who get up just before sunrise can see her and be guided by her light.

Planets are always in motion, on the move; they can align with each other as well as with our very own stationary fixed birth charts. When they are aligned with any of the planets or points on our horoscopes they create what we call an aspect.

This aspect of a transiting plant to a fixed planet or point in our birth chart will trigger an event, a situation or even a connection to another person. These aspects effect our daily actions, feelings, situations and reactions to life.

The complete Zodiac makes up a 360 degree circle through which transiting planets move daily. Our birth charts are our maps of life and are a snap shot picture of where the planets were in the heavens the moment you took your first breath. This chart will never change as it is fixed.

The transiting planets will move towards the planets in you chart and bring about an event that can change your life completely, or simply just stub your toe.

We call a planet that is moving towards one of the planets in a birth chart an applying planet, many a time as this planet gets closer to our fixed planet we can almost feel as if something is going to happen.

When the transiting planet connects with the birth chart planet it is known as perfecting the aspect and at that moment of time an event will occur. As the transiting planet moves away we call it a separating aspect, leaving us with the aftermath of what occurred.

As an example we can look at stubbing your toe, the aspect begins as you put on the incorrect shoes and take a rather precarious short cut. The aspect perfects as you stump your toe on a hidden tree stump, as the aspect separates you are left with the repercussions of a sore toe for a few days and the lesson of bad shoes and short cuts.

Transits can teach us so many lessons; they are what trigger our actions and drive to do things. It will be a transit to the higher learning planet in your chart that will get you to sign up for a course.

I find even the negative challenges transiting planets trigger can bring about a reaction that can lead us into certain directions, continually challenging us with the lessons of life.

Depending on the degree of the zodiac circle the transit aspect comes from will dictate whether the event will be an easy one bringing a positive opportunity your way, or a harsh aspect that will bring about a negative situation that challenges you.

Transits can be used in a positive way, many clients consult with their Astrologers when they are looking for the perfect day to get married or start a business. Some consult the transits to see when to invest or disinvest money or buy a home. Others just like to understand what transits are triggering certain behavior patterns.

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