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September 2023 Newsletter

full moon and gray clouds during nighttime
Wow what an amazing spectacle seeing the Super Blue Moon with Saturn and all his moon’s just on her left. The next one of this magnitude will be in 2037.

The build up to this Moon has been an emotional ride for many, a culmination of issues have heaped up. As the Moon wanes we can slowly and carefully disseminate each and every issue that has been drowning us or putting us under pressure.

If you are feeling exhausted it can easily be related to the heap of issues you are carrying, things weighing on your mind and chores just sidelined causing internal stress. Exhausting!

Well now face the music time, what has been derailing you, own it and be courageous enough to face it. Do so in Small bites, our next New Moon mid month is in Virgo and calls for us to become more systematic and organised, especially when initiating new dream or project. Time to be clear of feeling trapped by your own situations and time become analytical in our forward thinking.

September is still challenging as we are working with lots of planetary retrograde and stationary energy. This does slow things down and make us retrace our steps. If a job has not been done properly then it will need a redo.

Both Jupiter an Venus are in their station, Venus at last is going direct and by mid month will be going forward. But Mid Month she meets up in a challenging way with Jupiter who is in his station as he shifts to go retrograde. Ouch, this is pause for effect time.

Jupiter wants growth, but is very slow and ponderous as well as practical in the way he grows in Taurus. Now on a standstill, but as he is ruled by Venus he needs to follow her instructions. Venus is Leo will be moving slowly direct and she desire being creative as well as being noticed for what has been achieved in relationships and in creativity.

Relationships have been tough; those that were not working very well were especially challenged during the Venus retrograde. This October month we will have more clarity on where our relationships are heading. We will understand the problems and can either overcome them or just move on.

With all the big slow moving planets retrograde we are certain to be reflecting on the areas of our life that need to grow, be restructured, calm chaos, understand the truth about things and we can then shift and transform all these areas slowly.

As these planets are so far away they retrograde for a long time, each time they trigger a place in our charts we will initially be aware of the situations that will arise and can in our own time rethink our plans moving forward.

Growth is slow this year, all round, sometimes this can relate to big growth that can limit pour freedom. There are times we will be working twice as hard doing what normally could have taken a much shorter period of time to complete. Be patient with yourself and especially with others, we are all on this journey together.


Having experiencing this full Pisces Moon got me thinking about the power of sleep. So many of us were exhausted and this full Moon seemed to suck out the last bit of energy we had. Sleep came easy to many even the stressed.

The continual push against all these retrograde planets is very tiring, both physically as well as emotionally. When planets retrograde they are very close to Earth, Saturn in particular is closer than he has been in a long time. He is really trying to bring back a bit of structure and discipline into how we are living. It is all a lot of heavy pressure for mere humans.

We need to learn to step out of the chaos and pressure and decompress. Escape into nature even if it is for a day.

Take a lunch break and listen to lovely music or read a book that can help you mind shift into another world. People that take lunch breaks are 7% more likely to say, “I am as effective and efficient as I would like to be.” Taking breaks during the workday can also reduce stress, improve mental health, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take up a pleasing hobby that allows you to step out of the pressure bubble you have created and most important learn to say NO.

Even if we work for ourselves or are the boss, we too need to distress. Our minds need time to rest as much as our bodies do. Get into the habit of looking forward to your breaks as this regular downtime supports your mental health. Breaks help reduce anxiety and stress as well as cutting down on fatigue.

Till next time, just find a bit of enjoyment in your day, you deserve it.

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