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June 2023 Newsletter

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May was very difficult as so much happened and we needed to pull on every bit of energy to get by.

Well the eclipse season is over, Mercury is moving forward and will soon move out of fixed Taurus, Mars left comfortable Cancer and is in the fire sign of Leo. Hopefully we will find a bit more energy to get the best out of what opportunities that are coming our way.

On the week of the 12th Mercury will move into Gemini the sign that rules communication, sharing of ideas and lots of daily connections. Mercury delights in Gemini stimulating thought and sharing of ideas.

For those who are worried about business being quiet, things will start to happen now. If you have been busy, things will flow more easily. Motivation will increase and that will energise us in a good way.

Venus will move out of Cancer where what we desire is comfort rather than excess of work and chores. Venus will move into Leo where our artistic and creative nature could be productive.

Venus is going to retrograde in Leo so we will really experience our desire for Leo energy right up to the 9th of October. Venus will go into her shadow period on the 20th of this month. Take note of your desires, creativity and manner of love as you will see a theme you can change and improve on during this period.

We do need to watch out for hissy fits and dramatic outbursts during this long period of Venus retrograde this year. Perhaps we can work on how best to use the positive side of Leo where we can love unconditionally and selfless at times. It’s not all about our own desire but that of others as well.

If we want to be the center of attention, we need to deserve to be there in a way that is not over egotistical.

Venus in Leo can also be a tad self-centered and as Venus is retrograding in Leo we may notice this trend or lack of it in ourselves. We can learn how to value our own creativity and opinions above others. We will have the desire to explore our leadership skills and learn how to value our own opinions.

The down side of Venus in Leo is the desire to be noticed and appreciated, when this does not happen or an unkind remark can lead to temper tantrums in the form of dramatic outbursts.

We add Mars in Leo to the mix and here we discover that we need to acknowledge our own self image and express ourselves for what we are. Discover our leadership skills and promote them.

But it does bring about energy of wanting attention and support for the mission it is on. After all action with Mars in Leo is done with unconditional love, in return we and others will expect acknowledgment for any loving deed done.

Saturn in Pisces is in his station, so hardly moving before retrograding. We are a bit uncomfortable when Saturn is in this very mutable water sign as Saturn seeks to be responsible, but in Pisces it is uncertain in determining where this responsibility should be focused on.

The slight uneasiness and lack of focus we have experienced since March will be better understood when Saturn retrogrades and highlights the areas of our lives that need to tighten up a bit more. Your Astrologer can certainly help you in this regard.

Pluto has moved back into Capricorn where we get to have a last look at how we as a collective have allowed our structure to erode. We can see what is not yet fully fixed and will find the courage to let go of the damage of the past as it raises its head again. Pluto brings us strength and power when we face the areas of destruction it brings and transform or shift our vision.


It is cold and we may start to experience creaky painful joints. I am a great believer in the omega 3 oils, both fish and the oil from olives that have not yet ripened.

Then turmeric is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, I found a fun way to get your daily dose. A tasty way to eat turmeric is to make it into “golden milk,” a traditional hot Indian drink made from any type of milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, and a dash of maple syrup.

CBD, a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant, a type of cannabis plant is becoming more and more popular among people with arthritis and other forms of chronic pain. It can be found in a lotion.

In winter we are attracted to more and more gluten based products and sugar, these two ingredients are the cause of much inflammation and pain, try to cut them down.

Oh dear and I do so love all that is bad for my joints. Keep warm and warm up before exercising. Walking is great for your aching joint.

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