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Pluto in Anaretic Degree

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What does that mean one may ask? Anaretic Degree in Astrology is when a planet enters the 29thdegree of a Zodiac sign from right up to 29°59’59” in a direct motion. This is called an Anaretic degree and has also been known as the ‘fate degree’ as the planet in this degree has reached its peak of activity before the ingress into the next sign.

Think of the issues that can come with changing your mind and got it down to a T, then suddenly everything that is familiar with you changes literally overnight.

There can be real issues when this happens to a planet, especially one as slow moving as Pluto who now sits well into his Anaretic degree of 29 degrees 19 minutes of Capricorn where his focus was all about the destruction of structure, in some cases for good, in others with disastrous effects.

As Pluto is Anaretic he has a last burst of decision making, evaluations and at times re- evaluations then suddenly on the 24th of March he jumps into Aquarius and his destructive manner is no longer about the structure but needs to shift into a rebellious type of energy quiet different to his recent decisions.

Aquarius is a humane sign, with transiting Pluto entering humanity as we know it may alter. Perhaps we may see the downfall of Artificial Intelligence allowing room for a better way of using AI. Rebellion my become destructive and I do advise you all back up your computers.

When any planet reaches its Anaretic degree decision making problems, second guessing, jumping to conclusions blindly are all associated with a feeling of urgency which we are all feeling.

Many of us are still desperately trying to put an end to certain life structures that are not suiting us; others are desperately hoping life in general will gain a more structured focus. Doing anything impulsively in these next two months will just put immense stress on yourself so if you are in the process of change try to be calm and careful during the process.

When a transiting planet reaches its 29th degree it is a time where weaknesses show up in a big way, we may be inclined to make poor choices, see difficulties due poor choices of others and this can create a crisis. Try not overcompensate for or debilitating your position in life. Be aware things are changing, I feel it’s like a riding a current in the sea, if you fight it or try to control it you will lose the battle, if you go with it you will come out the other end shaken but alive to tell the tale.

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