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Cazimi Moments & Stelliums

There is a flash of magic in the skies occurring between 28 and 29 February 2024.

If you listen with your heart, you may sense the auric messages formed by the cosmic gold threads that dance between the ever moving planets and ourselves, linking everything together in a ceaseless quantum flow. Nothing, absolutely nothing is without meaning. The potential for connecting with celestial heart intelligence is ever present, and even the faster moving transits can be profoundly beneficial if used intentionally.

There is a flash of magic in the skies occurring between 28 and 29 February 2024. Amplified energies are created at the moment Mercury and Saturn simultaneously meet, both within 17 minutes of the Sun.  This is known as cazimi, the word of which is derived from the Arabic phrase meaning ‘in the heart of the Sun’. Observed is that Mercury, Saturn and Sun are partile as they arrive at the magical number of 9.

In the days that have been building up to the Saturn Sun conjunction, it may feel like every way you turn presents a challenge, but there is a moment of shift as Saturn is momentarily joined by Mercury in cazimi of the Sun. And although Neptune’s subtle and nebulous presence in the background is not particularly close to the unfolding process, it appears to add a frame of softness as it completes the stellium of planets that form in the receptive and watery sign of Pisces. Frustration, rigidity and challenge that can come with the presence of Saturn are somewhat eased. Saturn at best allows us to put things into form, bringing in practicality, discipline and responsibility. Saturn and Mercury in the sweet spot of the Sun and in Venus’s terms give structure and mental focus to our thoughts, helping us to conceptualise and realise our creative inspirations. Flashes of insight and great ideas could flow and be stored for later. Pisces and Neptune seemingly holding it all together offer a deepening of spiritual connection if that is a priority for you right now. Mercury in Pisces as well as in Venus’s terms with Saturn enhances a more compassionate and thoughtful approach to the way we communicate, adding resourcefulness and depth to those who would like to pen their mind flow. Let’s consider what Venus is doing, as to be in her terms would have some bearing. At the time she is in Aquarius and conjunct Mars. For some of us, we might want to pose the question to ourselves as follows: ‘What is of value to me that might benefit others that I would like to fight for right now? Do I need to be more direct or do I require more freedom to express myself within my relationships? Do I need to take action on an innovative idea about which I have been brewing for a while?’ The best way to harness this auspicious energy is to allow ourselves to be simultaneously fluid and still. Not still as in stationary necessarily but still of mind, receptive, non-resistant and open. It is a perfect time to take note of insights, even if only to be actioned at a later stage.  

Where might you be experiencing the stellium in your natal chart right now, and how might you use that to fly?



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