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January 2023 Newsletter

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We greet the New Year with the two fastest planets, Mars and Mercury, stationing before going direct, this as well as Uranus in his station going direct this starts the year at a slow pace.

Mars is our action planet and is in a sign that is ruled by Mercury our planet responsible for connections, communication and travel. Mercury is in the sign of Capricorn which restricts Mercury’s movement to a degree as the focus is coming from a solid structured foundation.

Mars and Mercury will work together in a rather obstructive manner as they seem to hinder each other’s action this month.

This is frustrating as Jupiter the planet that brings expansion and growth has moved into Aries and with this ingress, gives us the motivation and energy to personally expand, yet his ruler being Mars is on a go slow.

In a way Jupiter brings about a marshal like energy where we now can become our own soldiers. We are ready to be pioneers and make our own luck. We are ready to get going with personal growth and to take the lead on projects at work or in our own business.

But the planets that support this are not moving in January, so the way to manage this energy is to reflect within, to do the research and put things in place. Hold ups are inevitable, hurry up and wait seems to be a common problem, so this is give us time to make sure what we are doing is solid.

There is a noticeable change in the air as things are coming to an end with both Saturn and Pluto changing signs. Life has become very challenging as we try to negotiate one obstacle after another. What challenges we have experienced last year will give us the drive and determination to fine innovative ways to work around or through them.

For example load shedding is here to stay, we need to find our own solutions, make a plan if our business is to survive. Certain things one cannot fight, luckily we will have the drive to work around the situations we have to face. Crying and moaning will not fix the problem, being proactive and finding personal solutions will.

By Mid February life will speed up, so take the slow pace of January to really dig deep and find ways of solving what is preventing you from being successful. January is a great Month to put things into place preparing for the launch a new project. Go within and take time to set things up correctly.

You may find that certain situations or projects are reaching their sell by date and need to come to an end. If you are in any sort of situation that does not have a solid foundation or support system this too will not last. Rather take this month to end things on a shaky foundation and focus on those with a solid foundation that holds.

I would strongly advise you not to commit to any new deal until the end of January. If you are waiting on news of pending deals, they will only materialize in the latter part of January or mid February.

Take this month to focus on what you have that works and to make it better. We have a big year ahead. This uncertainty we are feeling now is due to the fact the two major planets Saturn and Jupiter are ending their journey and are about to change signs in March. This will be a huge shift in world dynamics and is the reason we are feeling uncomfortable.

The theme for this year is an ideal or any situation that is not valid will just dissolve before your eyes. End things without a solid foundation. Structured ideals with a solid support will become a reality.


As you need to start the year by focusing on yourself you will have the inclination to do so. A strong healthy body and mind can climb any mountain.

Setting resolutions this year will not be easy in January, it would be better to take a good look and do the research on yourself to see what is needed for optimum motivation and health.

Then set goals that you can achieve, for example saying I must lose weight and going on a crash diet will definitely fail. Rather set an achievable goal of 1kg a month, by the end of the year you would have lost 12kgs = 24 blocks of butter in weight, this is manageable.

This can be done by cutting out just one unhealthy habit snack a day, be it a can of coke or comfort chocolate while standing at a till point, rather play with some worry beads.

As for exercise, start with an easy short gym session, if you prefer outdoors then short distance cycle, walk or run. If you exercise 3 times a week it will be tons better than doing nothing at all. I have seen people starting gym and going all out for a week or two then crashing never to return. Be wise 30 minutes 3 times a week until you feel fitter for longer sessions or are tempted to join in a class. Nothing better than an endorphin high.

A goal as simple as parking as far from the entrance of a shopping center and walking that distance will give you 15 minutes a day of extra effort which can add up to nearly 2 hours in a week and that effort will boost your metabolism.

For your mind be grateful for every little thing you have, the pleasure of a roof over your head, food on your table, enough money to pay for health and pleasure. If we can start the day being thankful for one pleasurable thing, it can set your mind right.

For example, today I looked at my ripening tomatoes from my garden and found myself smiling as I picked up one lovely round red one and smelt the scent of pure nature. This is my happy picture for the day; my lunch will include this gift from my garden.

Be you, love you and be the best you can for yourself, not for others it is about you this month. Happy New Year!!!

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Laurie Naughtin

Astrologer specialized in traditional, horary, and election astrology. Also experienced in magic and weather astrology. Principal and teacher at Sublunar Astrology Academy. Additionally, a tarot teacher and reader.

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