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New Moon on 13/11/2023 at 23°47′ Scorpio 11:27 SAST

New Moon on 13/11/2023 at 23°47' Scorpio 11:27 SAST

Use your focus well during the potentially volatile and intense New Moon occurring at 11:27 SAST on Monday 13 November 2023, as the energy is very concentrated at 20°43′ Scorpio in its conjunction with ruler, Mars and the opposition with Uranus in Taurus creating an unpredictable dynamic.

To break it down, Mars in Scorpio offers you the opportunity of using your intuition, energy and focus acutely if used positively. Conversely, it can also be used impulsively, aggressively and reactively. The New Moon Mars conjunction in opposition with a noisy retrograde Uranus which is associated with abrupt, unstable, unexpected change is an explosive combination, bringing about the powerful dynamic of a sudden adjustment to new circumstances and even accidents or small mishaps. On the other hand it can inspire new insights and inventions and bring about a much needed clean sweep to a stagnant situation. Worth noting is that this combination provides the stage for one to be easily triggered and reactive.

Considering that the New Moon is a good time to kick off with new ideas and concepts, now might be the time to do something bold if it feels right, and if you are fortuitous, you may be able to bring something to fruition when Mars is in Cazimi (in the heart of the sun) on 17 November. It may even take you in a completely new direction. So look for those tiny lights of inspiration and original ideas that pop into your head which will be encouraged by the New Moon’s trine with Neptune.

There is a need to be flexible with pin-pointed focus and to grab the opportunity behind the chaos. The trick is to be attentive to every move and action during this time to ensure that you don’t get caught in the chaos, but rather that you are able to keep a detached perspective and insight to bring about something fresh into your life.

Understanding these planetary time markers, however short they may seem, can sometimes shed light. This New Moon is conjunct my natal Sun in the 9th house, and I feel inspired to write, read and study, but considering that Uranus is transiting my third house, it is interesting to note that my new neighbour (3rd/9th axis) is moving in next door and will begin building immediately. Oh boy, here goes!

Will the Venus Mercury sextile in the background help to bring some harmony to what could be a chaotic situation? Good communication is key in keeping the peace as Mercury is also in a square with Saturn and any negative thoughts could lead to self-imposed challenge.

In addition, with Mars and Uranus involved and the New Moon in wet signs and angular, turbulent, stormy and unexpected weather conditions are possible in the Gauteng area and may suddenly appear, then disappear.

Perhaps take a look at which house this New Moon occurs in your natal chart, noting the axis involved, as it may present a little clarity to a situation you are currently experiencing.

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