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The Solar Eclipse of 20 April 2023

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The total Solar eclipse of 20th of April 2023 takes place in the anaretic degree of Aries which is very interesting. According to traditional bounds and dignities by term, malefics rule the final degrees of all signs.

Planets in the anaretic degrees are also usually Void of Course, signifying events outside of our control.  It is often seen as a degree of weakness and destruction or the completion of a cycle. The chart for Indonesia appears below. To see the path of the eclipse look here –

It is mainly in the south eastern part of the globe but travels across a highly seismically active area where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions frequently occur – in and around the Philippines, Indonesia and the Banda Sea. A magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck offshore in the Banda Sea near the Tanimbar Islands, Maluku, Indonesia at a depth of 105.1 km on 10 January 2023. Fortunately it did not take place on land. However smaller earthquakes in this region are very common.

McCormack notes that although earthquakes follow upon the heels of solar eclipses, the relative positions of the major planets to certain geographic meridians are the motivating factors rather than the eclipse. The event chart for an earthquake or volcanic eruption may not indicate much on its own but reverting to the nearest solar eclipse chart can be instructive.

Another point of interest is that the Part of Fortune is exactly on the Ascendant in Leo ruled by the Sun – which is being eclipsed. The Part of Fortune is calculated using the ASC, Sun and Moon so it is intimately tied to the eclipse. There is also a massive gathering of planets together with the North Node in the upper part of the chart between Taurus and Leo and Uranus is squaring the ASC. Jupiter is close to the eclipse and in Leo.

The fixed star Zaurak, of the nature of Saturn (disgrace, ruin, calamity), is conjunct the MC. Saturn itself is conjunct Fomalhaut and Sadalmelik. The former is said to be very fortunate and powerful but can cause malevolence of sublime scope and character. Sadalmelik seems to be largely malevolent and can cause extreme and sudden destruction among other things.

Venus is conjunct Aldebaran, a powerful star with a Mars nature which can cause violent death and ultimate ruin but it is generally considered a fortunate star, although its benefits are not long lasting. Fixed star Sharatan is on the North Node. It causes bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake. Of course earthquakes in this region can have significant implications for many countries. It is quite a volatile and sensitive part of the globe.

It will be interesting to see if there are any major seismic events around the April 2023 solar eclipse and in the following months. The fact that it is taking place in the fiery sign of Aries may also indicate noteworthy volcanic activity around that time period.

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