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Movement of planets for March 2024

Little movement this month in the planetary spheres, but there will be a Lunar Eclipse around the Full Moon Period, take note of these energies and recharge for the year.

March 2024 sees little movement of the planets, during the month. None of the outer planets changes signs, but we will have a lunar eclipse occurring close to the Full Moon. Mercury enters its shadow period on 18 March before turning retrograde in early April 2024.

The New Moon in Pisces signifies new beginnings that will culminate in the Full Moon at the end of the month. The Pisces New Moon will be highly emotionally charged. People tend to overreact to nostalgic music or events in the news way more than they usually do. Perhaps they will rush to aid when they sense distress and make a sacrificial contribution to show they care.  Rather take some time out, meditate, or retreat into a positive environment than make unnecessary sacrifices on behalf of others.

At last, Mercury is leaving Pisces just as things are becoming muddled and confusing. Here the quick-thinking, decisive, and straightforward Mercury will come to a quick solution. Here is a love of argument, or negotiation without seeing the other point of view. If Mercury can bring the creative energy with it from Pisces, the imagination will be ignited in a potentially creative way and positive communication can be enhanced.

Venus moves into Pisces and cooperation comes easily, but on the downside, it can be difficult to stand firm. Be ready for some emotional bias and this can easily take or be taken advantage of. Someone can devote themselves to you or expect devotion from you, don’t lose yourself in them. Contractual commitment can imply the closing of doors to other possibilities. Venus in this placement has a romantic quality, that is appealing because people are drawn to spirituality and the universal idea of love.

Sun ingress into Aries on 20 March 2024 is the Astrological New Year for the Tropical Zodiac. Astrologically you will be able to recharge for the year to come.  This is as with any new year a time for new beginnings and new year resolutions. You have a great need to express yourself and this is valid it will serve your purpose, your first duty is to yourself, and if you don’t fulfill that duty you will be of little use to others. Others may not be sensitive to your needs, so ensure your needs are not subjective, but collective.

Mars moves into Pisces in March which also raises the emotional levels considerably, do not be swept off course, find a degree of focus and discipline in your chart. Emotions can be positively used and try not to control the emotions too tightly. Do not complicate things, keep it simple. This is a good time to direct energies to the service of others, but the suffering of others can cause anger and sacrifice.

The Full Moon is on 25 March with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, and a Lunar eclipse takes place.  This is simultaneously a culmination of energies after the new Moon but also a shutting down of energies. After endings there is always a new beginning, says the sage person. For more information on eclipses, I found this interesting website written by Robert Wilkinson.

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