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Mars the Warrior

Mars does not have a good reputation, wars, fever, and plague were assigned to this planet in the past. But he was also revered, as a heroic god. Mars is often invoked on battlefields and in martial arts as a warrior.

Mars does not have a good reputation, wars, fever, and plague were assigned to this planet in the past. Mars is the son of Zeus (Jupiter) and his wife Hera (Juno), and because of his desire for aggression, fighting, and violent behavior, his parents detest him. People and other gods call him evil, a liar, because of his sister.

The myth Mars goes as follows, his sister whose name is Discord (Eris) spreads rumors and jealousy about the region and then he goes about fighting and arguing with the people of that region, with his two-attendance a dog and a vulture, called Fear and Panic. Both animals are known for living off scraps of meat.

But he was also revered, as a heroic god. Mars is often invoked on battlefields and in martial arts as a warrior. A motivating force impelled to act, he does act independently and quickly with nothing to stop him. He is often linked to the Sun and Pluto being the god of war and destruction, bringing heat and fire to bring the downfall of your enemies.

We can use Mars destructively in our own lives, to tame our inner demons and fight our shadow side that we project onto others, instead of fighting others we can tame the Mars within. When this primal energy is linked with our purpose (Sun) and the Saturnian energy because Mars is exalted in Capricorn, bringing discipline within ourselves, personal power to use for good is possible. This becomes the inner warrior we can dedicate to personal growth and become the protector and defender of Spirit.

People with Mars in their chart are not only suited for a military career, but they can also excel at science, medicine, and business careers. Competitive sport is also a great outlet for Mars, even fans of these sports are fuelled by Mars. It is important to have this outlet because pent-up Mars energy can explode if emotions are suppressed in an individual, causing blow-ups, violence, abusive types, or even fever and inflammation in the body.

Mars has another side, that of the lover or Don Juan that had affairs with Venus and other goddesses. These strong masculine, macho man energies encourage men to identify strongly with their Mars type and discourage women from developing their Martian energies. When men are not comfortable with developing this energy they are seen as “effeminate”, they can be bullied and this leaves deep scars in men.

Alternatively, the suppressed Martian energy in women brings about what we call the “Karen” effect on social media when middle-aged women suddenly display intense behavior in public causing a scene, through uncontrolled anger or aggression. This energy when expressed with care and forethought. Instead, they could have been a Great Thunberg, fighting for justice and changing the world for the better for humanity.

Mars through the signs

Mars in Aries

This is Mars’s happy place, Mars in the sign Aries has courage, daring, and strength, and performs well with endurance activities. This placement gives a person the characteristics, of being a quick decision-maker and taking decisive action and leadership qualities. Not a team player if the team is too slow, they tend to be straightforward, direct, and self-motivated. In competitive sports of any kind, racing is a favorite as they are always quick out of the blocks. Easily aroused to anger but it will die down as quickly.

They lack staying power and are not good with stress when feeling frustrated. They look out for number one. Can be prone to accidents.

Mars in Taurus

Striving for material security is their main concern, competitive over ownership issues, always up for friendly competition, whether it is being first in the pool or quickest through the shops. This can be a good placement for a business entrepreneur, they need to see concrete results for their efforts. They can be resistant to change, it may make them angry that they have to accommodate and be flexible for others.

Change can mean a risk to their security, but they display controlled and restrained anger. They can be stubborn and possessive, but potentially sensual and romantic.

Mars in Gemini

This is a resourceful person, and they can easily talk themselves out of a corner. They show great dexterity, and hand-eye coordination, great with sports like tennis, football, and darts. They like having debates or any competitive communication activities and arguing from a competing point of view. This person may love Scrabble, crosswords, reading newspapers, and enjoy driving or working with cars. They make great salespersons, journalists, and drivers. This person can argue for argument’s sake and loves to keep score.

Can also be accident-prone, cutting or burning hands, and can develop respiratory infections. They are curious about everything and can be handsy but more attracted to someone with a fine mind.

Mars in Cancer

In this placement family, heritage, and traditions are important to Mars, and Mars is compelled to fight for them. Mars is overly protective and can interfere or try to protect them from themselves. Disputes over ownership in divorce settlements are fierce. They make great patriots and join the army to fight for territory or they participate in community policing, keeping home safe. They enjoy DIY projects and doing home improvements.

They can be overly sensitive and touchy, easily feeling slighted attitude. Unexpressed anger can lead to holding grudges. Gastric upset and ulcers can be developed. They can create a safe environment for their partner.

Mars in Leo

This placement can be associated with courageous, kind, and unselfish behavior. Mars in Leo doesn’t like a superior attitude in others it makes them angry (mirror). Their pride is easily injured and can cause them to become violent. Old-timey sports like chess, fencing, boxing, anything they can have a battle and achieve respect, and honor, they take pride in their sporting achievements. They can reveal a false bravado, hold a good bluff, or boast, but can suppress anger being too proud to show that they have been slighted.

They don’t forgive easily and hold on to their anger. They are creative and great with commitment. They like to show off and impress. Like a bit of fun and drama.

Mars in Virgo

This person is adaptable, a master of detail, and exceptional with technicality of all kinds. This is a great craftsperson or some kind of niche training. Can become annoyed with small details not coming together. They easily arouse anger over little things and argue at work if they are not allowed time to complete their task or fight the rumors spreading around in the office.

They internalize their anger but can give biting comments, annoy you, and be critical of themselves and others. They like to be active and do something useful. They can be choosy, dainty, and delicate but over-critical.

Mars in Libra

Mars in this placement seeks to balance injustices, they fight other people’s battles for them. They are charming and gifted and their requests are granted easily. They like to collaborate even if it is only a bit of shopping. They crave the approval of others, even wage a war, if this brings them that endorsement. They are competitive partners and project their aggression on others. They argue and fight over the top trying to force cooperation with others.

They like to be acknowledged and get the last word in before peace can prevail. They are civilized, and charming and seek similar partners.

Mars in Scorpio

This person is subtle and covert, but gentle. Mars in Scorpio has great control over their strengths and gives all they have, no holding back. These strategic competitors have tremendous endurance, once they have decided the course of action, they see it through. They win through psychological warfare and fight till the last person drops. Loyal to a point but does not forgive betrayal.

Can turn vengeful and have a cynical outlook because the anger runs deep and finds it difficult to let off steam in other ways. The strong silent, deeply emotional person can be secretive but can uncover other people’s vulnerabilities easily.

Mars in Sagittarius

In this placement, the person needs to be fully invested in why they are involved in a project, be it a war on behalf of others, or being part of a team. They tend to want to fight overseas, Mars in Sagittarius can have great enthusiasm and respect for what others believe in, be it religion, politics, or education. There will be great arguments over this. They are restless, outdoor spirits, do not like too much responsibility, and enjoy the freedom to travel abroad.

They can be self-righteous and climb on the high horse over other people’s incompetence. They tend to show moral outrage and can have accidents when they overstretch themselves. Keen sporty outdoor types, that are a lot of fun and love exploring.

Mars in Capricorn

In this placement, the energy of Mars is utilized for potential self-control, self-reliance, and decision-making ability. Mars in Capricorn has a great capacity to sustain energy. This is a hardworking and responsible individual who fights their way to the top. They will wage war for their traditions and authority or against it, become enraged at threats against their beliefs.

They are reserved, and dignified, don’t show vulnerability, and project unresolved feelings for their fathers against other authority figures. They work at increasing their status and increase the status of others by association. They work on land, farming, or mining, a military career, or maybe just some yoga.

Mars in Aquarius

This is a person with a truly independent spirit and goes to great lengths to defend their differences from others. They are unconventional and lack of freedom makes them angry. They fight for the rights of groups, perceived injustices, and unfair practices, which fuels them to action. They support their friends and will even fight on their behalf.

Any intolerance fuels their anger, and they become freedom fighters, for the masses. They have rules to do things their way and get annoyed when you get in the way. Mars in Aquarius expresses anger in a cool, aloof, and offhanded way. They can experiment and be open-minded, sincere, and honest, and work in electronics and technology.

Mars in Pisces

For people with Mars in Pisces, this placement can be swept off course easily, or they can be difficult to get hold of just to prove a point. They are sensitive, romantic, love mystery, and fantasy. They use escapism and survival approaches to their advantage and can easily camouflage themselves. Mars in Pisces will fight for the less privileged or for those who suffer. They serve others through arts and enjoy, fishing, swimming, and all kinds of water sports.

Addictions are common and linked to alcohol-related violence, more at the receiving end than handing it out. Boundaries are often flouted to diffuse situations, mostly to their advantage.

Have a look at where Mars is in your chart, I have a feeling that even with its fiery reputation there is some good to be done by Mars. Leave Discord, Fear, and Panic by the door, for the best results in taking noble action and achieving victory over yourself.


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The Contemporary Astrologers Handbook by Sue Tompkins

Photo by Tara Winstead

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