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Astrologer of the Month of May 2024

Meet our Astrologer for May 2024 Leonie, she is an expert astrologer and a vibrant person. We are pleased to showcase this talent on Astrology Directory South Africa.

Leonie started her journey when she was 13 and began reading tarot as a hobby, her interest in occult studies and other healing modalities peaked when her mother bought her a deck of cards. Her mother was into Feng Shui and, Astrology and supported Leonie by buying her, her first deck of cards.

Leonie says “Ultimately it was my mum who got me into the spiritual world early on with her eclectic interests and her decision to let her kids choose their belief systems – a decision I am grateful for and appreciate. My father, an IT genius, was more scientific and technical; he encouraged the question “why” in me, which continues today, motivating me to seek knowledge.

Her knowledge turned serious at the age of 26 due to an injury, she distracted herself by studying the healing arts. She became interested in Astrology and found Laurie from Sublunar Academy where she earnestly studied Tarot and Traditional Astrology. Once I started with Laurie, I was hooked and there was no going back!

Leonie explains why she loves both Tarot and Astrology

I love tarot because I believe it is a powerful tool with which we can commune with our unconscious selves. I believe that identifying unconscious elements of ourselves and our shadow is the greatest opportunity for healing and wholeness. The tarot contains so much valuable information and mystic wisdom. I prefer to focus on the archetypal imagery in the Rider Waite deck for my readings. However, I have an enormous Tarot deck collection at home because I just love all the different imagery and interpretations”.

“I love traditional astrology because simply put, it amazes me with accuracy and depth. Completely blows my socks off every time! Traditional astrology to me is the language of the cosmos and we are blessed to be able to learn to hear it and translate it for others. I learned so much about myself after studying my chart in-depth. I saw myself as a complete being and accepted myself as I am. This practice taught me to appreciate people in both their terribleness and their magnificence. There is so much to assimilate, and I want to learn it all!” 

Leonie wanted to be a forensic profiler, to understand why criminals acted the way they did and how their minds worked. As she aged, she became less fascinated with the darker psychologies and more interested in the psychology of wholeness and the pursuit of success and happiness. She observed many people – to find out why their life experiences were all so very different. Could one choose this or make it so? She aimed to answer this question through her studies of the occult, the mystic ways including traditional astrology and tarot, psychology, spirituality and anthropology, and various other pursuits! 

Leonie speaks highly of her mentors: “Laurie Naughtin was my first teacher and my greatest mentor in tarot, astrology, and consulting. She is the Queen of Traditional Astrology, no doubt about it. Not only did she teach me everything I know, but she reminded me how to shine the light in my own life.

 I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t met her all those years ago. Working with Laurie ignited my dormant intuition and desire to understand the mysteries of life. I continue to learn from Laurie and her continued support is so meaningful and valuable.

Another significant mentor of mine is Jayni Roxton-Wiggill. Jayni has been my teacher in so many things and I value and positive impact she has had on my life and myself. Essentially Jayni taught me the power of the chakras, colour, dance, and art. Simply put, Jayni made me believe in magic again. She also taught me how to be a much more useful adult! 

I owe these women not only for the knowledge they shared but also for their time and care for me personally, which changed my life and equipped me to become a decent magician in my own right”. 

Leonie was very proud to graduate with a distinction from Sublunar Academy for Natal Astrology. Hosting a talk on the link between Tarot and Astrology for the former ASSA was also a highlight. In her academic career, achieving a distinction in her BA degree was a very validating moment.

A message to her clients: “I am humbled by my clients giving me positive feedback. My egoic self certainly feels pride in that, but ultimately, I find this work to be an honour to do. I have a deep gratitude whenever I can witness a person choosing to embrace their authentic self and move towards sovereignty in themselves. I have been a lifelong “seeker” and I was gifted teachers who helped me to find my way back to myself and towards knowledge and greater things. I would like to think that one day I may be able to share what I have learned with others and hopefully have an equally positive effect on their journeys – that would be something to make me proud”. 

Leonie says her passion is knowledge. She has always loved to learn and to understand things. Since she was young, she was an avid reader and learner. Now she has become passionate about helping people discover themselves through the modalities she studied and sharing the knowledge she has gained, which is why in 2024 she will be branching out into teaching some courses as well.

When she is not stargazing, she enjoys socialising with family and friends and enjoys good food. Aside from that she is passionate about her cats Magic and Mystique, the furry loves of her life.

To contact Leonie for a consultation mail to:


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