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Jupiter Ingresses into Aries

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Jupiter is the greater benefic and aims to produce nothing but great things. Jupiter has the most expansive energy of all the planets with the effect being rather diverse.

Why one may ask is Jupiter such a benefic planet, I just love the way Claudius Ptolemy (c.100 – c.178 AD) looks at the planets, this is how he describes Jupiter “Jupiter revolves in an intermediate sphere between the extreme cold of Saturn and the burning heat of Mars and has consequently a temperate influence. He therefore at once promotes both warmth and moisture, but owing to the sphere of Mars and the Sun which lay beneath him, his warmth is predominant and hence he produces fertilizing breezes.”

Jupiter can at time make things greater, bigger and at times the grandiose nature of this energy can be overdone. The effect can of expansive energy is experienced through financial or material growth, mental and intellectual growth and then there is also the problem of weight gain due to excessive overindulgence.  

Jupiter will leave Pisces and enter into Aries on Wednesday. Aries is an individual type of sign; it represents the first stage of human life and ruler of the beginning of spring, therefore involves the initiating phase of growth.

Aries is certainly not a collective energy but rather a personal pioneering hunger to create new life and new personal identity, a powerful individual energy.

With Jupiter in Aries it is a time for us to focus on personal growth. Understand who you are as an individual, own your talents and personality, but try not to exaggerate your importance or vigor. This is time for you to grow personally as an individual in your own right.

Jupiter in not very comfortable in Aries as he is a more sociable Planet whereas Aries is more concerned with personal growth. Personal growth is necessary, as individuals if we can focus on self growth we become stronger and will then have the courage to take control of our own destiny.

Aries energy is impulsive and at time this leads to carelessness as acting too quickly can lead to mistakes. Remember in your personal growth try to remember to think things through.

Whichever house or area in your chart, Jupiter is transiting through will most certainly bring about a great opportunity for personal growth. This is a great time to consult with your Astrologer to see how and where you can best use this energy for personal growth.

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