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Emotional Waves and Practical Insights: July 2024 Astrological Forecast

As we step into July, we transition from the melancholic Full Moon in Capricorn to the emotionally rich New Moon in Cancer. The Moon thrives in Cancer, its ruling cardinal water sign, allowing emotions to flow freely. This period is perfect for understanding our emotional needs and trusting our feelings. However, be prepared for another Capricorn Full Moon on the 21st, which might bring back feelings of heaviness and intensity.

The cardinal energy this month can heighten emotional outbursts and irritation, making it important to be mindful of our interactions. Saturn, often associated with depression, rules both the recent and upcoming Full Moons. Currently retrograde in Pisces, Saturn’s influence may make us feel like unwilling martyrs, indulging in self-pity.

The slow movement of retrograde Saturn offers a chance to reflect. Saturn in Pisces struggles with boundary issues, leading to structural collapses and a general sense of imbalance. This can manifest in our personal lives as a lack of discipline and focus. Use this retrograde period to repair and reinforce structures and discipline in your life.

Neptune, also retrograde in Pisces, adds to this chaotic energy. Positioned in the anaretic degrees of the sign, Neptune’s retrograde delays changes, causing frustration and a sense of unknown chaos. The combination of Saturn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces can create deep-seated uncertainty. However, this period allows for introspection and the opportunity to address and repair the chaos and boundary issues we’ve invited into our lives.

On a brighter note, Jupiter in Gemini brings exciting opportunities for growth. Embrace new trends and be open to the fun and networking that Gemini energy offers. Jupiter’s presence in Gemini encourages us to explore and grow by engaging with what’s current and trending.

As the month progresses, Mercury will enter Virgo, bringing a focus on tidiness and order. Mercury in Virgo enhances intellectual and analytical abilities, helping us adapt and organize effectively. However, be cautious of Virgo’s tendency to be critical; instead, use this energy positively to analyze and improve situations. Virgo’s obsession with healthy habits makes this a great time to assess and improve our lifestyle choices.

Medically Speaking

Mercury in Virgo will inspire us to adopt healthier habits. With Mercury set to retrograde next month, we will have an opportunity to reassess our health routines. Ensure you get enough exercise, even in the cold, to stay energized and combat feelings of malaise. Hydration is also crucial, as a well-hydrated body keeps the lymphatic system functioning smoothly.

Virgo energy emphasizes hygiene, especially important during winter when germs spread easily. Reinforce habits learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, like sterilization and frequent hand washing. Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer and opting for stairs instead of lifts can help prevent illness and add to your daily exercise.

For more in-depth insights, read the original article posted on Sublunar Astrology.

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