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Sublunar Blog Post November 2023

lightning struck on desert
Sublunar Blog for November 2023. By Laurie Naughtin

Wow what a challenging month of eclipses we have gone through. Well as November begins we will still be dealing with the lasting affects the eclipses have had on us.

For one the weather conditions have been bazaar, super high hot weather condition immediately followed by freezing cold conditions literally overnight.

In it way the weather mimics our emotions that seem to be running hot and cold on a daily basis. Good things happen then a bad situation arises and the happy feeling goes out the window. We need to transform the bad into a lesson that can teach us how to react next time around.

Relationships are the biggest lesson we are dealing with, finding a common ground between our opinions and that of others. If by the middle of the Month we cannot find resolution, it is time to walk away.

Saturn retrograde is nearly over; Saturn is in his station making any thing to do with Saturn such as, structure, perfection and discipline feelings a tad sensitive. Saturn in Pisces can become unsettled and fall into despair when faced with failure.

The lesson we need to learn here is all the failures and things that have not worked out easily since June can now be fixed. This starts on the 5th of November as Saturn revisits each and every situation that occurred during these past 5 Months.

When Saturn transits through Pisces it is not uncommon to be challenged with situations where indecisiveness as well as oversensitive feelings can arise blurring the reality. The power of Saturn in Pisces is the ability to cut through the idealism and emotional connections; this will help you to focus on the real picture.

Venus is finally moving into Libra in the 2nd week of this month. She is strong in Libra as this is a sign that fits Venus perfectly. Venus is the planet of love and desire, Libra is the sign that is all about relationships. Love is literally in the air. The eclipse in Libra may have helped your relationship to strengthen or you would have moved on.

Now it’s time to really enjoy good solid relationships, to get out there and connect with the right people. Libra loves to bring diplomacy and harmony into any type of relationship. Just be aware that at times that in relationships there are more than just one person, so fairness and balance between you and others will make this energy really work.

Venus in Libra loves beauty such as art, music and sculptors where emotions can be expressed. Venus in Libra has a very clever intellect and this can help us with our studies and research as long as it is desirable and enjoyable.

Mars our very masculine action driven planet is in Scorpio and also in very good shape being in the sign he rules. As Scorpio is a fixed water sign this does slow how we action things down, which is a good thing as the action we derive from Mars in Scorpio is of the transformative type.

To action change we need to let go of certain things that no longer serve us to make room a new and transformative energy, Digging deep, doing the research into making wise and informative change need time. This is where this Mars in Scorpio energy can really help us find our way out of many a sticky situation, a get out of free card.

Mercury is moving into Sagittarius, this is where things could become tricky as Mercury gets a bit too hyperactive in fiery Sagittarius the most expansive of all signs. Mercury wants to uncover and share the big picture, but his strength is in the little pictures, so when the picture gets too big Mercury can get bogged down in the small unnecessary details. Almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Try not to get tied up in the small stuff and curb down the need to believe that each bit of new information is the key to the Holy Grail. Mercury in Sagittarius loves to uncover knowledge and travel, just don’t get muddled with too many facts and options.

Try to be patient when others have a lot and way too much to say, you too may fall into the trap of verbal diarrhoea. I do believe teachers may have problem keeping their classes quiet, so many with so much to say, waffling about many an interesting discovery that is never discovered.

As for journalists I hope they avoid too much waffle and can get to the crux of the article. I do believe that the saving grace is Jupiter the planet that is ruling Mercury is in Taurus and at the moment seeking practical solutions to life.


With so many water problems and yoyo weather patterns we are experiencing an increase in upset tummies.

Most runny tummies can be treated at home with small amounts of fluid containing electrolytes sipped at regular intervals. Small sips of NON caffeinated sodas such as sprite and ginger ale can help if you are nauseous. Ginger and lemon in weak herbal tea has a soothing affect as well.

I was fascinated to find out the Vick vapor rub contains eucalyptus, menthol and camphor oils and when rubbed onto your tummy it is absorbed, reduces inflammation and relieves the pain.

Then there is my grandmother’s remedy of grated pealed apple that need to have gone brown before eating little spoons at a time. Apples fight free radicals, are great anti oxidants and they play an important role in digestion.

At all times when your stomach is upset you need to avoid all dairy, caffeinated drinks and clearly all bean and legumes, these cause terrible wind as does cauliflower and prunes. Avoid wheat as wheat can inflame your gastric mucosa and onions actually aggravate a sensitive digestive system.

I must say keeping a few grated apples in a container in the fridge and eating a tablespoon a day will work wonders for all digestive problems, and can keep the bugs away.

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