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The Sun in Mythical Astrology

We will look at the Sun and its dominance of the Solar system, the different perspectives from which to study the Sun in Astrology, and touch upon the Delphi Oracle and the Dragon slaying myth found in many cultures. Then talk about the Sun as the Hero’s Journey, and also describe the Sun through the different signs.

By setting the scene the mythical Sun is depicted as Helios driving the chariot of the Sun through the Sky, each day. It is another way to say that the Sun dominates the sky by day, as we cannot see any planet when the Sun is shining with the naked eye. The Sun is so visible at the centre of the Solar system, and all the planets revolving around the Sun is perhaps why Sun Sign Astrology became so popular.

But by studying astrology as a holistic and integrated system, from the perspective of the Earth, we can start to gain a deeper awareness of the aspect of astrology. We can at times during the day see the moon, as a hologram, against the sky. This is why we start astrology consultation with the Sun in combination with the Moon and the Ascendant, or rising sign, and describe in this way the essential characteristics of a person.

Myth of Apollo: He is the child of Zeus (Jupiter) and Leto a Titaness, Titans came before Greek Gods, so in terms of consciousness, Zeus, revitalized a previous generational consciousness. Hera wife of Zeus was not happy about the affair and tried to prevent anyone from giving her shelter and protection.  Leto searched for a place to give birth and came to an island called Ortygia and gave birth to Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis (the Moon), Artemis jumped out and then sent Leto to the next island while in labor to Delos and Artemis helped Leto give birth to Apollo. 

Strangely enough, no humans were allowed to be born or die on the island, and this island was the centre of a group of islands, symbolizing the Solar System.  Two lions guarding the entrance representative of the Sign Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun.

Apollo was gifted in many respects, music, mathematics, medicine, and prophecy, he was said to be the golden child of all the important Greek Gods.  Like Leto he wandered across Greece and found his shrine at the spot called Delphi, guarded by a Giant Serpent, the Python. He battled the Serpent, slew it, and set up his shrine. The priestess known as the Pythoness had her seat here and people all over the world come to ask questions of the Delphi Oracle.

In many cultures and Jungian Psychology, the dragon-slaying myth is important, where the dragon or serpent is symbolized by feminine energy. Only the Northern hemisphere was known at this time so when the Sun disappears, it is gone or slayed. The Moon appears at night, the feminine energy represents chaos or the unconscious, the collective consciousness, the unknown when we are asleep.

Delphi, the Oracle is directly related to the Sun also known as Appollo. The following words are inscribed at the temple gate of the shrine, “Know They Self” and “Nothing in Excess”. In Astrology the Sun represents your true self and when we hear about the myth of Icarus, flying too close to the Sun, we understand that self-control is an important factor in the personality of a person. Hubris is a dangerous behaviour pattern in any person and can lead to the destruction of self and others.

This section relates to the first part of the oracle. The dragon has power and vital energy that is out of control and needs to be slayed, brought under control, or possessed by the slayer. This power is also known as the will, without direction and purpose, and when slayed it is given direction and purpose. This is the Delphi oracle serving the people.

The second part of the oracle describes that even with direction and purpose, our willpower should be balanced, in the same way, nature shows us. By day, we use our will and power, and by night we give it away to sleep. The twins Apollo and Artemis represent the Sun/ Moon cycle bringing balance like the Yin/Yang, the one representing, the feminine power, and the other the masculine energy.

Kings, like the King of Japan in WWII, or King Louis XIV of France were seen as symbols of life force to their countries and their people. Today, Companies, Political parties, religions, and other powerful entities also align themselves with the power of the Sun. The inner king is the male archetypal figure in Europe and the Near East, but it can be related to women as well.

Joseph Cambell related the Sun with the mythical hero, in his book: “The Hero’s Journey” which is about the journey of the unaware person toward Self-awareness. We need to speak about the shadow or negative side of having too much willpower and purpose, being too goal orientated, can bring destruction and less desirable consequences.

In each sign, the Sun is on this journey.

In Aries, the personality seeks success and immediate results from their efforts. Immediate gratification is significant to this person, and only through trial and error will this person find the self-awareness to appreciate the results of their efforts. They can search for identity or have a strong self-image, radiant, show leadership, are very independent, magnetic personalities, but can be arrogant and proud.

In Taurus, the person finds security through possessions, and they identify strongly with the material world. They are productive, have strong desires, successful in their efforts. They can also be persistent and stubborn.

Gemini people have a prime drive for communication. They simply adapt using the mental faculty of the mind. They are intellectual, inspiring, curious, and keen to know things and talk about them. They have a nervous tendency and can be superficial and inconsistent.

Cancerians find security in their place of sanctuary. The past and home and physical security are of great importance to them. They possess power, and self-reliance and can be self-sustainable. They can be co-dependent on their roots and show inner insecurities.

The Leo personality has a strong self-expression. They have will, power, and strong desires. They are creative and romantic. We find generous, warm-hearted, faithful, and loving Leo personalities. They can also be patronizing, bossy, interfering, and overdramatic.

In Virgo, the person leans toward service and order. They are devoted, hard workers, dedicated, and possess stamina. We find Virgoans modest, shy, diligent, and meticulous, especially in their grooming. Concerned with their health, can be over-critical, harsh, perfectionist.

The Libra personality relates well with others, they are diplomatic, romantic, and peace-loving individuals. They are easy-going, sociable, and charming. They can be indecisive, flirt outrageously, easily influenced by others, and self-indulgent.

Scorpio people seek to benefit from their relationships, they are determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, and passionate. They can depend on others, poor sense of self, and be inadequate. Jealous, resentful of others, compulsive, obsessive, and secretive.

Sagittarians are fun and love new experiences, they are optimistic, freedom-loving, honest, good-humored, and straightforward. They are intellectual and philosophical. They can be understanding, love the lure of the exotic, and discoverers. They can be careless, irresponsible, superficial tactless, and restless.

Capricorn wants status, and success and likes to be useful to others. They revere success, prestige, and achievement, handle challenges well, and like to be an authority. The need for significance is great especially if it benefits others as well. They can be pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly, rigid, and traditional.

The Aquarian, personality innovates through ideas. They are pro-social change, future-orientated and humanistic. These crusaders find fulfillment through purpose and learn through friends. They are friendly, honest, independent, and intellectual. They can be intractable, contrary, perverse, unpredictable, detached, and emotionally unavailable.

Pisces persons are imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, and selfless. They are self-sacrificing and possess spiritual knowledge. Impressionable that leads to the potential of psychic abilities. They work behind the scenes and find illumination through discipline. They are escapists, idealistic, and secretive.

Through each sign, the Sun seeks to bring balance to the individual and to create self-awareness, which becomes the Hero’s Journey. We all are the Sun in our journey as it plays out through our charts. As we gain knowledge of the spiritual self in our lives, we can become the oracle that answers questions for others so that they can achieve their self-awareness.

Written by Clesia van Zyl ©

References: Mythic Astrology by Ariel Guttman & Kenneth Johnson and Parkers’ Astrology by Julia and Derek Parker

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