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Setting resolutions for 2024 meditation

Meditation inspired by the first New Moon of 2024

A New Year’s Resolution Meditation inspired by the New Moon which occurred in Capricorn on 11 Jan 2024.

If you feel that you missed the opportunity during the first New Moon of 2024 in Capricorn on 11 Jan to make resolutions, I would like to share a goal-setting meditation which was inspired at the time of the New Moon, thus embodying the earthy, fixed archetype of Capricorn, a sign which sets the stage for a perfect time to plant seeds, set realistic goals, create new roots and to establish boundaries where they are needed.

Even though this meditation can be done anytime, there is an interesting set of transits providing an auspicious space for this taking place on 20 January 2024, the day before Pluto makes it’s ingress into Aquarius, depending where you are in the world, of course. The stellium of planets in Capricorn, all of which are ruled by Saturn which is in a sextile with Jupiter, encourages the rooting and anchoring of our highest aspirations.  The Sun Pluto conjunction is in a harmonious trine with the waxing Moon in Taurus.  The are actually 6 planets in earth signs on this day, (4 if you are a Traditional Astrologer), helping to effectively ground and establish our objectives. Pluto’s involvement brings power, intensity and potential for transformation into the moment.

The Sun, Pluto and Moon meet in a partile trine, all at 29 degrees from 14:09 to 15:57 SAST, making this a powerful and transformative moment for contemplation. The numerology is also supportive of this magical space.  If you add the degree of 29, i.e. 2 + 9, it reduces to master number 11. If you add the total date of 20/1/2024, i.e. 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4, it is also adds to 11. 11 is a highly sensitive energy and known to be a wobbly number and can also be unstable, but if used intentionally and for the highest good from a strongly grounded space, it is supportive of bringing in powerful intuition and guidance, allowing for us to reach up into the realms of all possibilities and inviting in the inspiration we need to move forward with renewed zest and motivation. However, it does need to be both conscious and intentional to be used effectively.

To make it easy for you, there is a wonderful free App in Google Play store called The Creation Frequency where you can record the following meditation. There is nothing more powerful than listening to your own voice guide you when you are in theta state.

Manifestation Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position. Before you begin, ask your guides for protection and support during this sacred time you have created for yourself.

Take a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils, breathing in for the count of 4 and exhaling for the count of 6. Combine this breathing with relaxing each part of your body, allowing yourself to gradually go deeper. When you are completely relaxed, let your breath find its own natural rhythm and imagine that you are able to breathe in through imaginary nostrils on the crown of your head, and exhale, sending your auric antenna upwards into the quantum space of all possibilities above and around you. Let your awareness settle above your head and beyond. Complete a few calming breaths as you hold your focus here, and when you are ready, take another inhalation, imagining that you are able to harness the light that is above your head and beyond, and bring it into those imaginary nostrils on the crown, letting it fill the head. Take a few more slow breaths, noticing any energetic changes you may be feeling.  When you are ready, breathe in again and as you exhale, direct the light down towards the heart watching it grow brighter in intensity.

Imagine a line of energy connecting the crown, brain and heart as you continue to breathe, allowing the energy to move organically from the head to the heart. Notice it becoming stronger. You may feel a gentle pressure building on the crown as your awareness deepens.

When you feel ready, bring to mind what it is that you would like to manifest this year. Imagine a movie screen at the level of your 3rd eye chakra and allow a visual to form on this screen of what you would like to create for yourself in the coming year. See it as already having played out. Know that the possibility of this mental image becoming real is available to you right here, right now. Feel your heart expand with joy as you revel in this knowing, and the satisfaction that comes with it already having occurred.  

When you are ready, imagine these goals growing roots which extend through your base chakra, winding and uncoiling themselves downwards through the souls of your feet, deep into mother earth, creating strong foundations for your intentions.

Bring your awareness back up through the chakras to the heart, again feeling the joy of accomplishing your goal/s.

Imagine that you can take a step outside of yourself and observe your physical self in this joyful state.

Move back into the body. Feel the floor beneath you. Feel where your body is touching the chair. Sense the space around you. Sense the space within you. Smile as you return fully back into your physical body, becoming aware of each body part as you do so.

Wishing you all a harmonious, joyful, blessed 2024 filled with all that you need to be the best version of yourself.




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