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Rowing the Boat: Saturn in Pisces

With Saturn at zero Pisces, how is your boat? Post-retrograde, we get to start again, but the waters are low-visibility murky and moody. We have to feel our way into the big round zero and full potential of this yin path.

Artist: Linda Infante-Lyons 

With Saturn at zero Pisces, how is your boat? Post-retrograde, we get to start again, but the waters are low-visibility murky and moody. We have to feel our way into the full potential of this yin path. 


Saturn in Pisces, AKA the absent parent, opened with the 1st degree of Pisces classroom 7MAR23 – 16MAR23. If we look at His passage in the sky, Saturn entered the urn of Aquarius 10MAY23; the waters of consciousness that Aquarius pours into the human mind. We watched Saturn enter this celestial golden stream and then retreat by 28JUL23.


This was due Saturn’s retrograde that began @7PISCES12’ 19JUN23. We needed to restructure, but how does one do that in the changeable waters of Pisces, where the fish of science swims one way and the song fish swims in a different current? (although both are linked by the sacred knot of Al Rescha) Perhaps these 5 months have been about finding the leaks, adjusting levels and flowrates, getting to know what lies beneath and in the shallows and where stepping stones surface, anchor points, harbours, wind direction and speed, calm water, stormy seas, bridges, safe crossings, flowpaths, releasing, surrendering, swimming, sailing of-a-thing. With Neptune at home in the ocean of Pisces but at the end degrees, the story of human redemption is getting saltier as we approach the quantum point of Aries beginning 30March25. 


Saturn is the body, spine and reality of being alive. He, god of time, teaches by discipline, rules, reliability, responsibility, shape, security and commitment to self-actualisation and mastery in life. Saturn, often termed difficult, takes the raw material of our lives and makes something of it, as either boss/authority or servant/service. He turns dreams into reality and no, we don’t all have a good Saturn, but Saturn does know what it takes to make each one of us good.


Saturn was Midnight star 27AUG23 @3PIS50’ (meaning Saturn was closest to Earth, retrograde and opposite the Sun) with Fomalhaut @3PIS09’; the mouth of the Southern Fish and star of grace, harmony and poetry, if we can maintain the vision of what is most sacred and not lose faith. It is possible that the karma Saturn wages is for some, the gentlest inner knowing and empowering that this soft spot in the sky holds. 


Saturn stationed direct @zeroPISCES30’ 3NOV23 and will re-enter the golden waters from 26JAN24-1APR24. During this time our planets make the prettiest asterism of Saturn-Mercury-Sun 28FEB24 with Sun-Mercury @9PIS13’, Saturn-Mercury@ 9PIS44’ and Saturn-Sun @9PIS46’ for some Serious Self-Mastery. Saturn-Venus will take place 22MAR24 @12PIS26’, as the sweetest morning star commitment to life we can offer.


Please take a look at Saturn sextile Jupiter 19JUN23 to understand the repeats offered JAN/FEB24 when these 2 planets, that can make a lot from a little, get to implement and consolidate.


Healthy Saturn is creative, loving and magical when his waters of consciousness are allowed to flow through and shape the manifest world. How perfect to hold Saturn in this light as we leave the past behind. An older version of Saturn is the Melusine, a hybrid fish-lady. It is this cosmic mermaid who infuses Saturn into your inner waters, into your yin-yang kidneys, your watergods and their pyramids of peace, gentleness and calmness.


Seeding safe passage for all waterbodies, their story and soul journey as we rowrowrow the boat gently down the stream. You might be asked to clean the stream first, or work on the grief, depression and sadness that water gets sick from, but you’ll know its Saturn and so you’ll know what you need to do.


Astrologer: Natasha Rightford, 23 November 2023

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