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Movement of planets for May 2024

This month the talk about the movement of the planets will include, Pluto going retrograde, the New Moon in Taurus, and Mercury joining the planets in Taurus. The planets then venture into Gemini starting with the Sun, and a Full Moon with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Libra following soon after. Venus and Jupiter then join the Sun forming a Stellium in Gemini.

Looking up to the sky we find that we are being uplifted this month, like a balloon blowing in the wind after our grounding in Taurus. We enter the month on the heels of several planets changing signs in April 2024, already the energies are influencing us to take control of our lives with Venus sending us messages about our values and money in Taurus. Mars just entered Aries and is looking for new opportunities as we enter May 2024.

We come to a momentary standstill with Puto stopping to retrograde back from Aquarius into Capricorn on 2 May. Pluto represents death, transformation, and power, we cannot minimise the power of the planet in our lives. In our birth chart, this can represent any of the aforementioned. Instead, look at what happened in your life when Pluto transited through your chart recently. The power that Pluto wields is not domination over another it is domination over how we behave and relate to others, and Pluto wants us to transmute that into something helpful.

This can be a time to nurture those seeds with the upcoming New Moon in Taurus when the Moon is close to the earth and the Northern Hemisphere is entering the summer season. Living in the Southern Hemisphere this can also be a time to reflect to let go of that which has not served us and let it die with that Pluto transit.

Shortly after Mercury moves into Taurus connecting the mind and the intellect looking for comfort and stability, inertia may follow. We feel secure in what we communicate and even show our stubborn streak. It is time to have that practical conversation that you have avoided. Stand in your power don’t let it become a power struggle you are not strong enough to win, is this the hill you want to die on?

The Sun becomes light and airy as it moves into Gemini on 20 May, watch your life force and creative energy, with curiosity. See how easy you can relate and adapt this month. Go out and be social, even if you feel a bit scattered, it is a good time to be a social butterfly.

The Full moon in Gemini on 23 May and the opposing Moon in Libra add to this air of expectancy, what is in the air? The moon connects us to intellectual security, keeping our minds and ideas free from misconceptions. We do things in moderation especially when being social it guides us to be fair and avoid judgment, we are all human after all, even if we flirt and gossip a bit.

Venus joins the social club by moving into Gemini on 23 May, this party is just getting started. Our fun-loving, friend has arrived, who is good with emotional relationships. Stimulating the conversation with intellectual rapport but also sharing information about joint interests. Here we express both intellectual and sexual, qualities towards our lovers who are friends.

Jupiter moves into Gemini on 26 May and the VIP has arrived looking suitably disinterested, with everyone pitching ideas they wish to expand on. Jupiter has a broad view of things and brings a stabilising energy to everyone. Everyone looks a bit scattered except the VIP and it is interfering with real progress.  Progress demands consistency of effort. We often remark on how skillful one can argue and get away with it. Eventual success may depend on a fresh outlook, discretion, and in-depth knowledge.

Our fixed star for this month is Aldebaran, this Star shares many qualities of Mars and indicates success. Be straightforward and uncomplicated is the message of Aldebaran. Don’t be so ambitious that it may go against your integrity to achieve success and pay dearly for it.  

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day and be your authentic selves when out and about socializing and having fun.

If you are wondering how the movement of planets affects your chart contact me at

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