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Mercury the Rascal

Mercury in Astrology is linked to the mind, our thinking, communication, and expressing the will of the personality. We also explain how the Mercury retrograde affects people and what Mercury signifies in each sign for the individual.

Mercury in Astrology is linked to the mind, our thinking, communication, and expressing the will of the personality. Being the planet closest to the Sun, which represents our personality, Mercury signifies the rational mind. It is tightly connected to our spiritual direction, but also to our central purpose through its relationship to Jupiter. It is the way we express our need that links Mercury to the Moon as well as the experiences we have on Earth.

Mercury is the smallest planet and as we said nearest to the Sun, it is never more than 28 Degrees of longitude away from the Sun. The only possible aspect between Mercury and the Sun is a conjunction, and when they are united the Sun provides spiritual direction via Mercury. In its farthest distance from the Sun, Mercury is said to be disconnected from the Sun and thus the intellect is doing its own thing, detached from your spiritual direction.

This spiritual direction is important to Mercury because Mercury can rationally write, say a book on how to mix certain chemicals for a general cleaning purpose and communicate through an ethical code. The how-to manual of the same chemical compound can be written to create an explosive agent to break into a vault, to steal something, hence the label connected to Mercury as the thief.

This neutral planet can easily be influenced by other planets in the chart or just its placement in signs in the chart. In a certain placement, it can signify young people, and be interpreted as the “Peter Pan” or “eternal youth” as we know from the movies. They are underdeveloped but sometimes highly creative. This kind of character male or female is said to have mercurial charm, and they go through life seeming to have endless affairs, living a party lifestyle. In this case, we can identify numerous great artists and musicians with this placement.

When Mercury is said to combust, or in the heart of the Sun within 1 degree conjunct, the personality which is also called the conscious mind, combined with the rational mind, that person can be extremely intense but is highly focused and if supported by other planets can achieve their goals easily.

Mercury speeds around and completes its cycle around the Sun in about 88 days, which gives Mercury that sense of being transient or fleeting. This is the reason Mercury is known as the messenger from the Gods, as it is seldom seen and only when it is in the outermost position from the Sun it can be seen in the night sky.

Mercury is also related to Jupiter, where Mercury represents the mind, and Jupiter is the greater will or social purpose of the individual (the Sun is the will or personality). Mercury as the rational mind is the servant of Jupiter directed towards a Higher Purpose. On a social level, these individuals can be seen as having no social awareness or being very selfish until they have learned what their spiritual purpose entails.

Where Mercury represents the rational mind, the Moon on the other hand signifies the instinctive faculty, which we now call the subconscious mind. When the Moon and Mercury are conjunct in a chart, the individual is highly intellectual with an excellent memory. Again, when morals are in place this can be a dignified and purposeful person.

If they are not in aspect the intellect can also be dangerous and devious if not held in check. Intellect does not come with morals the function is to produce rational thought and is not connected with proper behavioral limits. Today we look at AI and the effect it has on society, input equals output. We need to ensure the ethical parameters are in place through which AI is computing and communicating with society.

Even though Mercury is known as the God of Thieves, there is a very respectable side to Mercury when connected to the Earth. As the Babylonians will attest to, Mercury is on this occasion known as Nebo or Nebu, respected for its role in human awareness. Here Mercury was known as the scribe, documenting, or writing down important facts. The Scribes were recognized for knowing the names of all things, which looked like they performed magic. Mercury is closely linked to the Art of Magic as well.

Through the Earth Mercury is also linked to the body and the healing arts, the symbol for Mercury is the Caduceus, which is also the symbol for medicine, and the healing arts. In ancient times known as the God of Alchemists, which brought in a more metaphysical aspect, in which the mind can travel anywhere, even into the unconscious. Many people have received messages from dreams that help them navigate the obstacles and hindrances in their lives.

Mercury in Retrograde

When Mercury is in Retrograde motion, is when the planets seem to stop, or Station, and then move in the opposite direction, (backward). Then after a while come to a standstill, Station, and turn around and move forward. It is during this period that things are broken down and re-evaluated.

With Mercury in Retrograde (backward motion) or Station (not moving) you can see the ramifications if there is a pre-existing disconnect between the Sun (personality) and Mercury (the intellect), a further communication breakdown ensues. When the disconnect continues too long and the attention of the mind is turned toward the physical body, the body can break down completely, even if the individuals are brilliant in their field.

With a weak Mercury – Jupiter link and a person having no social awareness due to the lack of inspiration from the Higher Mind, extreme acts of wanton selfishness can be seen. The retrograde in most cases, works toward the integration of the consciousness and the will, in a bid to establish to either strengthen or weaken the link between the different levels of consciousness.

When Mercury is at a certain angle and declination between the Sun, Moon, and Earth, and retrograde it affects memory, the speed of Mercury will influence the agility of coming up with answers. When it moves quickly the answer comes at a moment’s notice, slow-moving or moving backward or stationary movement, the person may have to think about the answer, before replying and committing themselves.

We have identified many different links between Mercury the rational mind, the Sun the conscious mind, Jupiter the higher mind, the Moon the sub-conscious mind, and Earth which represents the body. The mind can travel to Hades and back, or the unconscious mind when we dream. All these different functions of the mind when in balance can produce a brilliant individual, who has a clear direction and lives purposefully, behaves respectfully, with a well-developed instinctive memory, while being guided by their dreams.

We have shown that Mercury retrograde does not signify a total breakdown or collapse of the system. If Mercury is the mover of information, commerce, messenger, or traveler all the communication devices, commercial enterprises, planes, and satellites do not break down during a Mercury retrograde. Mercury operates on an individual level to integrate the different ways of thinking, communicating, and expressing our will as an individual on a social level.

Mercury through the signs, is the ability to express logic by the rational mind, through writing and verbal communication.

Mercury in Aries

An Aries person takes instantaneous action when thought processes are provoked. They can make quick decisions and apply swiftness of judgment. They can perceive the relationship to the environment clearly and intuitively, while they quickly form an opinion.

Mercury in Taurus

Deliberate action is shown by a Taurian person when thought processes are activated. They become instinctively aware of the practical aspects of a relationship to their environment. They tend to communicate with caution and precision.

Mercury in Gemini

When a Gemini’s thought processes are stimulated, they tend to fluctuate but show consistent activity. They are versatile, adaptable, and talk fast with a natural talent for words. While they easily perceive the structure of their relationship with their environment.

Mercury in Cancer

Cancerians communicate through metaphorical language when their thought processes are prompted. Their communication is formed through the activation of imagination when their mind is impressed with the information that they can retain for a long time and express through sentimental words, at their discretion.

Mercury in Leo

A Leo person can come across as an ego-centric creative activity when their thought processes are inspired. They can struggle to be objective and like to put their stamp of approval on everything. Only through spiritual development can they begin to develop a wider inclusion of the relation to their environment and others.

Mercury in Virgo

Order and fastidious communication activity is elicited from the Virgoan person when their thought processes are triggered.  They show great attention to detail and precision but can become over-concerned when faced with minor issues.

Mercury in Libra

Libra people seek to bring balance and harmony through perfect judgment. When working within personal relationships, they may seem undecided, or they cannot choose between variables until they find a compromise. They seek to be diplomatic and politically correct.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mystery, secrets, and subtle activities are stimulated by the Scorpio’s thought processes. They instinctually understand people and situations and other motivations of other people. The underlying nature of their relationships is clear to them.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Sagittarius people tend to be philosophical when their thought processes are stimulated. They communicate in a way that often seems way off-topic. They tend to overstate their opinions so that issues become a matter of principle rather than facts.

Mercury in Capricorn

A Capricorn person always seeks constructive pursuits when thought processes are promoted. They desire to structure the mind and communication in a cohesive mental pattern. With little or no imagination, they tend to be skeptics and disbelievers.

Mercury in Aquarius

Very inventive when thought processes are activated. Aquarians tend to be original, develop intuitive faculties early, and can easily communicate with any person regardless of the environment.

Mercury in Pisces

This water sign reacts with compassionate activity when thought processes are motivated. Thinking patterns may be clouded, because of the watery nature of the Piscean. These are highly sensitive persons and develop psychic, and artistic nature.

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