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Let’s clarify the 6th House in Astrology

There is no better motivation than one’s students to push one into really getting to the bottom of a lot of confusion in an area that I am teaching. The conflicting opinions of what the 6th house has rulership over, is coming up more often than not. I decided to get off my lecture box and do some deeper research into the drudgery of the 6th house. What does the 6th house rule…health is the most common answer; the others are illness and servants as well as animals that serve us. It is the house of our personal routine vital for our health and wellness.

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Laurie Naughtin

Astrologer specialized in traditional, horary, and election astrology. Also experienced in magic and weather astrology. Principal and teacher at Sublunar Astrology Academy. Additionally, a tarot teacher and reader.

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