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January 2024 Planetary Movements

We look at various movements of Planets and what effect they may have on Life.

Venus moved into Sagittarius on 31 December 2023 changing signs on the last day of the year. We start the New Year with considerate enthusiasm and a warm expression toward others, be it with partners or friends. We can easily express independence but also be idealistic and share philosophical points of view that become more meaningful, during intellectual rapport.

Mercury station direct on 2 Jan 2024 in Sagittarius. We have discussed this position at length in previous blogs, in this case, intellectual stimulation is needed, but consistent effort is important. Even if one can quickly grasp the magnitude of a situation, it may come across as brilliant, if expressed concisely. Beware of elaboration it could be seen as false bravado, keep the facts straight.

Mars moves in Capricorn on 4 Jan, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, ambition is strong in the placement, but it can be overdone. Feeling invincible can lead to risk-taking, especially if you are very competitive and highly motivated for success. Excellent placement if you are into endurance sports such as long-distance running, mountaineering, or rock climbing.

During this New Moon in Capricorn on 11 Jan, we develop this need to achieve something, especially so soon in the New Year when we look back at achievements of the past year. Looking for tangible results, be it contributions to society, or something we have built. Then we instinctively start to organize and put new structures in place, to achieve the material security we crave. Do not take responsibility for something that has gone wrong in the past year. Do not be too hard on yourself, you did GREAT!!!

Mercury moves into Capricorn on 14 Jan, bringing practical and constructive communication. It may be a snail space at first, but soon we are filled with ambition, and geared toward achievement. Long-term planning may present a problem, but short-term interactions are determined and decisive when needed. Stalling may cover up the lack of self-confidence in speaking up, but every move is calculated and planned with caution in mind.

Sun ingress into Aquarius 20 Jan, the Sun is moving into a position where it is debilitated. Even so, this may be a time to be innovative in expressing those ideals of humanitarianism or sharing ideas based on scientific facts. Do not be opinionated or egocentric about your ideas because they are valid, even when not well-received. Find open-minded people or groups to debate with.

Pluto moves into Aquarius on 21 Jan, Astrologer Sandra A Moren refers to this as a “mini age of Aquarius”, a period of enlightenment for 20 years. She then refers to Pluto in Aquarius in 1777, where there was a shift of balance in the World Power, several revolutions took place, American, French, and Industrial revolutions. (Read the full article on Facebook OPA Community Sharing)

Suffice it to say this may be a challenging situation that may carry an uncomfortable influence on us, as it affects our personal lives if the ruling powers are challenged. Pluto is the Planet of transformation and rebirth. We can all agree we need to change at some point in our lives to improve our lives. This means the death of something that does not serve us and the rebirth of something that does serve us in the future.

Venus moves into Capricorn on 23 Jan, we find that dimensions in partnership shifts, into worldly ambitions that take precedence over the desire to relate and love. With the inhibition of full expression of feelings in Capricorn there is a marked difference from Venus in Sagittarius there is a gushing of expressing relatedness and love. Money spending will be wisely calculated in a bid to show off, but caution will be there.  

Full Moon Aquarius 25 Jan with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, instinctively takes everything over, a streak of bossiness, stubbornness, and fixedness appears in some people, wanting to seem important. Look for ways to positively express any creative activity with the happy enthusiasm of a warm heart. This belies the aloofness of the Sun in Aquarius who are already torn between group activity and individual expression.

Uranus SD in Taurus 27 Jan, we have felt this presence of Uranus for a while in our lives, as Uranus has been in Taurus for a long while and will still be in this sign for the foreseeable future. The Uranus influence makes its presence felt in terms of stubbornness in Taurus. A more flexible approach needs to be developed in this regard. There may also be a conflict in that Taurus is very predictable, but Uranus is set apart or unconventional. The clash may extend to throwing a spectacular party for your friends but live economically even frugally, the rest of the time.

Keep in mind not all planetary movements have a severe effect on your chart, but look at what house these planets find themselves in and the aspects and transits, this brings a personalized message to you. With January fast approaching and a lot of movement in the planetary spheres, be safe and be kind, especially to yourself, as well as others. Wishing you a prosperous New Year.

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