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Movements of Planets for February 2024

Planets Movement for February 2024 shows a great line-up of Planets in Aquarius. The Sun and Pluto are in Aquarius, and Mercury, Mars, and Venus also move into Aquarius, making a conjunction with Pluto on their way in. This may be the time to start thinking out of the box and bring about those changes that we were thinking about, instead of just sticking it out hoping for better opportunities. Photo by Karolina Grabowska:

Mercury moves into Aquarius on 6 Feb, and we find it will be a great time to develop original ideas succinctly. Mercury brings an intellectual approach to solving problems and establishing dynamic communication with others. It is time to start that humanitarian project, aimed at raising money or creating awareness of injustices. It is beneficial to oneself to be friendly and helpful to others because it expands the flexibility of the mind and helps to ease nervous tension.

With the New Moon in Aquarius on 10 Feb (up to 3 days after) we can set the objective to break through the frosty barrier the Sun creates in Aquarius even if it is magnetically attractive, enigmatic, and mysterious. It may be a bit of an unpredictable time, and unexpected, spur-of-the-moment things may happen, which may seem out of character for you. Strong feelings may be expressed, look where Venus and Mars are in your chart, are they making aspects, the feelings may be about love or sexual attraction.

Mars moves into Aquarius on 14 Feb and during this time we feel we must act toward securing freedom in some way, be sure because it’s Valentine’s Day. It may benefit to ease the suffering of others during this time, even if it may seem strange or amusing to others, by having a Friend’s Day instead. A burst of unusual hive of activity may be followed by wanting to return to normal routine activity, which may present some unexpected complications.

Venus moves into Aquarius on 17 Feb, following quickly in Mars’s footsteps bringing glamour and magnetism of celebrity proportions. It is lovely to be admired but at what cost, do you need to sacrifice your relationships for this applause? There is plenty of romance around, or just be a kind and helpful friend, if the partner is not right or you are in the wrong partnership.  Retail therapy is good for you but also remember your good spending habits.

Sun ingress into Pisces 20 Feb, avoid the trap of believing “what will be will be”. It is time to use your imagination, and creativity to bring benefits for yourself. Use a specific outlet perhaps some arts and crafts to set intentions. Create that “Vision-board”, that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Show your compassionate, kind, and selfless side to others in your space.

Mercury moves into Pisces on 24 Feb and comes to the rescue so that the wonderful imagination, kindness, and compassion can be directed constructively. It is a great time to develop mental clarity, to avoid being scatterbrained, confused, and muddled. Don’t fall back on negative escapism habits, develop some positive ones like meditation or journaling.

FM Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces on 24 Feb and during this time we can express practical ability and some quick responses to situations combined with psychic abilities. Stop being a worrywart you are in a good position to get ahead of your competitors. This practical approach may not always sit well with the expansive side of your nature that overruns boundaries.

Look where these transit movements take place in your birth chart and what aspects they make with the other planets. We all learn and evolve, and this is a great opportunity, to exercise our humanistic nature.

I find humanism to be the most rational and positive philosophy for life. And it’s not a new thing at all – the history of humanist thought is deep and inspiring.- Alice Roberts

Written by Clesia van Zyl SIA Astrology ©

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