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Astrology Enthusiasts’ Astro-Guide to “Beckham” – Episode 3

Part Three of the Astro-Guide on the Netflix Series ‘Beckham’ Episode Three, 'Golden Balls', by Deborah-Anne Swanepoel - Cigno Astro.

This is the third article in our four-part Astrology Enthusiasts’ Astro-Guide to the popular Netflix Documentary Series ‘Beckham’.  We have previously covered Episodes 1 & 2 of the series, providing insight into how Astrology decodes people’s behaviour and events, and we are about to dive into Episode 3 again.  So, if you have not read the preceding parts of the Astro-Guide, and would like to, we suggest you find them on the Astrology South Africa Blog, under the same Author.

Spoiler Alert:  If you have never heard of this Netflix series and would like to watch it first before reading our Astro-Guide, then we suggest you stop reading now!

The third episode begins with the title “Golden Balls”, with the introductory segment filmed walking through the expanse of the Beckham’s sprawling country estate. Beckham feels comfortable here, and talks about how “I wanted a place where we could escape.”  In the first two parts of this Astro-Guide we covered David Beckham’s earthy, sensual, Venusian traits, his love for beauty and sophisticated style, with his natal Sun, Ascendant, and Mercury being in Taurus ruled by Venus, and his natal Venus being Out Of Bounds (OOB). There’s a hint of pride in his voice while talking about having his coffee outside, while sitting and savouring the beauty of the property, seeing if he can spy Victoria naked through the windows. David’s Natal Venus Star Point (VSP) (Evening Star) is in Scorpio at 13 degrees 44’. There’s evidence here of the need to “escape”, to be private and secluded, and a scorpionic intensity and compulsion in love and passion.

Beckham’s VSP Receiving Foot and Hand are in Aries and Aquarius, and his Giving Hand and Foot is in Virgo and Gemini, respectively. These are the two conjunctions before the prenatal conjunction (Head), and two after birth. The five points visually making up the pentacle or ‘Vesuvian Man’.

The position of one’s Venus Star Point (VSP) is different to the position of Venus in the Natal Chart, and is the prenatal Conjunction between Venus and the Sun, or Venus Cazimi, as she retrogrades, immediately before birth. Evening Star (Direct) VSP’s are known to “ruminate” and “internalize things first”, [~Smith, A.], but Venus Evening Star also gives beautiful experiences to share with those we love. The Sabian Symbol for David Beckham’s Venus Star Point is ‘Telephone Lineman At Work’, “all affairs interconnect”, and “higher intelligence is responsible for lower” [~Burgess, J.].

David Beckham is publicly known to be a devoted Royalist, and as he talks, he conjures up images of country-style living which can be equated with royalty and the nobility: “As soon as I get into the countryside. I normally get into my whole country get-up, which I’m not now. And I’ve got a stick and I walk around.”  One may be forgiven for thinking of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, or scenes from the “The Crown”, (also a Netflix Series), of them stalking stag on the moors, and wonder if the Beckhams unconsciously try to emulate them, complete with the requisite Land Rover, to blend-in the picture?  Astrologically, however, we know it is important for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) to ground themselves with nature, doing anything that bonds their connection to Earth. No wonder we hear, Beckham has been swapping bee-keeping tips with His Majesty King Charles III at Highgrove recently, discussing rural skills, and nature, having recently been invited to be an ambassador for one of the King’s charity foundations.

David continues the interview talking about his private football pitch at home, and how his son Romeo wants to play a game against him and his friends. An intense competitive streak emerges in Beckham, as he lists the A-Game list of world-renowned footballers like Figo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Gary Neville, whom he’d be able to arrange to play on his side against his son, and how they would win. Pluto in the 6th House’s intense obsession with succeeding and winning can’t help spill over into a talk about a ‘friendly’ with his son.

Much of the first half of the third episode of the series is devoted to discussing David Beckham’s relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson, and the pivotal role he played in his life. 

On 4 July 1999 David and Victoria got married, and David recalls how five days after their wedding Ferguson phoned him up, while they were meant to be honey-mooning for 10 days, and said, “I need you back in training”. They were at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s house in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the south of France at the time.

David’s Natal Mars in Pisces is separating from a square aspect from Ferguson’s mutable Natal Moon in Gemini in their relationship synastry. It is possible Ferguson expressed his emotional frustrations towards Beckham, possibly feeling uncomfortable that he and the team depended on Beckham so much.

Ferguson’s Natal Mars in Aries is applying Conjunct to Beckham’s Natal Chiron in the 12th House by tight, near zero-degree orb.  Ferguson triggers Beckham’s wounds, deepest inadequacies, and insecurities, bringing these to the surface, but expedites his healing. Ferguson’s actions keep Beckham on his toes, making him feel like he’s always having to keep up, fit-in, and toe-the-line.

Gary Neville confirms, “Ringing David up five days after his wedding is classic Sir Alex Ferguson. “Get back here you flash bastard.” […] “Sir Alex Ferguson had an uncanny habit of bringing you back down to earth.”

The English football that season kicked off on 1 August 1999 with the Manchester United vs Arsenal, Charity Shield match, with Manchester United walking onto the field as the treble winners and Sir Alex Ferguson newly-knighted.  There was obvious pressure and expectation for them to perform more heroics.

Sir Alex Ferguson refers to David’s stubbornness, but says he is not criticising David, as he describes this stubbornness as a characteristic trait of someone with serious focus and determination.  David’s Sun, Ascendant, and Mercury are in the fixed modality sign of Taurus, which personifies the traits of stubbornness, and being change and risk averse.  Even Beckham’s son comments on how stubborn Beckham is, towards the end of the series.

On Sir Ferguson’s point of David’s “serious focus”, we know too that David’s Natal Mercury is Epimethean Direct, meaning in its Superior Conjunction hemi-cycle, (Mercury counter-clockwise from the Sun in the Chart, or Mercury further along in the Zodiac than the Sun), denoting a practical, objective mind that can have rigid thought patterns, but also be success-oriented and hard-working. [Rudhyar, D.; Meyer, M.R.]

David goes on to describe how, when their baby Brooklyn was ill with fever and high temperatures, waking through the night, he phoned the Football Club to say he was not coming in for a training session that day. This was not so well-received by the Manager, nor the public, who labelled him as going AWOL (away without leave), for having a sense of parental duty. Nobody believed him. Bear in mind his Nadir/IC, or 4th House Cusp, is at the Critical Degree 26 Cancer embodying the instinct of nurturing and care-giving. The ruler of the 4th, the Moon, is in the sign of Capricorn, in Mutual Reception with Saturn in Cancer, so there is also evidence of, and a trend or theme running throughout, of immense devotion to family, yet sacrifice of family-time for work.

The Sabian Symbol for the 27th Degree of Cancer is: “’Storm in a Canyon’, […] There is, within everything and everyone, an indomitable entitlement to be who and what we are, and therefore of consequence. […] …we do not seek validation, or permission, before we allow our emotions and ideals to express themselves into the world. […]” [Burgess, J., Sabian Mysteries].

As a result of the AWOL incident, Sir Alex Ferguson dropped David for their next game against Leeds (20 February 2000), and David insisted he had been treated unfairly. David then shaved all his hair off in defiance for their next game (18 March 2000) against Leicester City. His new skinhead, buzzcut look caused a sensation, and would invariably see his fans emulating him by shaving their heads too, including young boys in school who could get away with it.

Victoria describes this period in Beckham’s life as him transitioning from boyhood to manhood, and rebelling against his parents. David’s Solar Return Chart for the year 2000 shows Uranus in the 10th House, so he was bound to be controversial, and raise a few eye-brows with his public image. Victoria is referencing David rebelling against Sir Alex here of course too, as he was a father-figure to Beckham, in his home away from home.  Beckham had to leave his parents’ home at a young age to move to Manchester to play for the Club.  He and his mother reminisce about how he would get home-sick, and he would say he had a tooth-ache to be able to phone or go home.  His mother would want to visit David, but his father Ted would say no; a 12th House Sun’s relationship with his father. The preferential treatment Sir Alex Ferguson gave Beckham, from such a young age keeping him close to the Team, was unprecedented, and David describes it as being like family, attributing this as the reason why they had the success they had as a Team.

Victoria was never part of Sir Alex’s football family, however. At the time she did not understand why. She recalls how she was always more outspoken than what she was at the time of filming the documentary. Her natal 12th house Mars in Gemini is Out Of Bounds, 10th house Mercury in Aries can be abrupt and direct, yet in 2022 by secondary progression her Mars was no longer Out Of Bounds but in Cancer, and Mercury had progressed to Cancer yet become Out Of Bounds. Natally her moon is Trine Uranus which can be uninhibited in expressing herself, and natal Mercury in Opposition to Pluto would certainly have strong views.

Sir Alex Ferguson blamed the “publicity machine from her side” interfering with David’s football career with Manchester United, although he chose the words “interfering with his life” […] “you can’t have that”.  Sir Alex Ferguson and Victoria Beckham’s charts reveal synastry aspects that could give rise to judgmental or self-righteous attitudes, and which could trigger her feelings of alienation and insecurity. “Fergie”, as Victoria liked to call him, has his natal Mars Conjunct her natal Sun Conjunct Chiron aspect, meaning he as the Mars person would make her feel hugely inadequate, and she would have needed to overcompensate to fit in, but thereby also finding healing in confronting her own wounds.  Ironically, they also share a South Node Conjunct Venus synastry aspect, which means there was a fated karmic contract between them to explore these issues in this life-time, while connected through their relationships with David Beckham.

David Beckham was made England Captain just two years after becoming England’s most hated man, which was controversial.  The World Cup Qualifier, on 6 October 2001, England vs Greece, was crucial. Playing at Old Trafford, as Captain, in his favourite white England kit, things seemed to be too perfect. By half-time, 0-1 down, the crowd was booing and abusive, and as Captain he was in the spotlight with nowhere to hide.  The pressure David put on himself to prove himself was enormous. As Rio Ferdinand put it, it made David feel “I’ve got sh** to prove here to shut people up.”  In David’s own words, “I just wanted to do something that could rectify what I did in ’98.” […] and, “I just wanted to make everyone happy.” He talks about how the last four years were so difficult for him that he did not even recognise himself. A chironic wound of proving worth.

In the last ten minutes of the game David ran more around the pitch than the ten other men on his team combined, and at the penultimate minute David scored a free kick that enabled England to qualify, catapulting him into a national hero, to receive the Sports Personality Of The Year Award on 9 December 2001.  Sir Alex Ferguson did not even mention the game or David’s performance at their next training session after the game, once again triggering David and making him feel inadequate, with Ferguson’s natal Mars in Aries Conjunct Beckham’s natal Chiron in the 12th House.

David, however, became a global phenomenon, a career model, his own brand of success and wealth, but on the pitch, he was equal with the rest of his team, normal, despite being Britain’s highest paid sportsman at the time.

Then Sir Alex Ferguson appointed Carlos Queiroz as Assistant Coach in 2002.  Carlos Manuel Brito Leal de Queiroz, born during a Full Moon, rubbed people up the wrong way. His stern, cold, impersonal approach, is something the Manchester United players had not been used to before. Full Moon people are generally all-or-nothing kind of people, with intensity, who have high expectations of themselves and the rest of the world, and yet are also likely to be more indecisive than most.

We see Carlos Queiroz’s natal Sun applying square to David’s natal Neptune, and we realise Queiroz would have trust issues with Beckham, and always be suspicious of him. This astrological aspect is not always outright deception in relationship synastry, however, in most cases leads to misunderstandings and unrealistic perceptions and expectations.

Queiroz came to the conclusion that David Beckham’s form was declining, that he had bulked his upper body for a gladiator advertisement, which in his opinion put David off-balance as a footballer.  He claimed David’s business off the pitch was affecting his game on the pitch, which David denies he would have jeopardized his professional football in that way.  Ferguson and Queiroz were convinced otherwise, and Ferguson believes it was what culminated in the boot incident between him and David Beckham.

After they lost their game against Arsenal, Sir Alex Ferguson was in a rage, flying into David in the dressing-room, resulting in them swearing at each other, David denying the accusations being flung at him. Sir Alex Ferguson then lunged a kick at the kit lying on the floor in the middle of the dressing-room. Ferguson sent Solskjaer’s boot flying into Beckhams face, cutting him open above his eye, resulting in David having to be held back from going after Ferguson, at the sight of his own blood, a Taurus bull seeing red and on a rampage. Of course, this incident was leaked to the press by someone, and Ferguson accused David of further aggravating the wound, claiming it was a graze which required no stitches, and that what transpired after the incident, and the stitches, was all stage-managed.

Interestingly, the transits at the time (15 February 2003 Arsenal game, and the days that followed with the press), transit Mars was Conjunct Pluto, which opposed David’s natal Venus and Sir Alex’s natal moon.  The Jupiter Neptune opposition transit could have accounted for the “…prideful refusal to compromise that ends up sacrificing people for principle…” [Nolle, R., 2003]. Sir Alex’s secondary progressed Mars was also conjunct his natal Uranus, which probably explains his erratic, hard-to-control, urge that caused him to lash out. David’s Mars was in Aries via secondary progression at the time.

On 23 April 2003, Manchester United came up against Real Madrid for the Champions League Quarter-Final at Old Trafford, and this match is still considered today as one of the most epic battles played in the Champions League history. Minutes before the start of the game Sir Alex Ferguson decided to bench David, who was fuming mad about the decision, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took his place instead.  However, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, to which Beckham saved the day after substitution for Manchester United to win 4-3. Zidane came up to Beckham after the match and asked him to come play at Real Madrid. Although Beckham was flattered by this, he did not even entertain the thought as his loyalties were always with Manchester United. That is, until he got sold off by them in 2003.

David Beckham said, “I called the club, and said can I speak to the boss, and they said no, he doesn’t want to talk to you. I said Please just let me speak to the boss, I need to know that this is really what he wants.  I would have pleaded to not go…” Alex Ferguson said, “…there was not going to be any point in me saying to David you know, I’m selling you…”.  David: “I don’t think I’d have changed his mind – Well I don’t know, I don’t know.”  Communication, unfortunately, is key to the Mars Chiron Conjunction in relationship synastry – the ability to be attuned to explain and share without getting triggered.

“But did I ever want to leave Manchester United. Of course not. Never. It was my home. My relationship with the boss was always special. Yeah, we had our moments, but I still loved him.”

Hardly surprising David felt this way about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson, as it was certainly one of the most defining relationships in his life. His Natal Venus conjunct Ferguson’s Natal Moon, is an aspect in synastry where these two energies recognize and feel comfortable with each other. They were certainly mutually beneficial to each other financially, with subsequent business endeavours and social enrichment that followed. Their Natal Suns are in a Trine synastry aspect.

The danger with this synastry aspect is becoming too close or co-dependent, and in their case their other hard synastry aspects determined the final outcome. As Sir Alex Ferguson intimated, “…the relationship was at a stalemate anyway…”, and “…You’re never going to be in love with players all your life. Never…”  David admitted, “…I’m glad I didn’t speak to him, because I think it would have broke my heart…” […] “But that was it for me. That was it at United.”

The theme of transformation was evident in David Beckham’s charts in June 2003, when it was announced that Manchester United were doing a deal to sell him to Barcelona. From the uncompromising Jupiter Neptune Opposition, to transit Venus opposing Beckham’s natal lunar North Node pointing to a possible break-up of a significant relationship in his life, there is no mistaking his love for the Reds and his boss Sir Alex Ferguson was significant.  Transit Mercury was Trine David Beckham’s natal Midheaven, indicating expanding coffers or resources, or at the very least an opportune time for him to have been re‑negotiating his contracts.

Therefore, at this point David Beckham said if he was going to be pushed out of Manchester United, he wanted to be signed where he wanted to go play, i.e. at Real Madrid, and not Barcelona.

Florentino Pérez, the owner of Real Madrid, was described as someone who raked up the trophies by buying the best footballers like an art collector. It was only natural that he would look to David Beckham to marry the two biggest brands in football.  In his words, Beckham was born to play at Real Madrid.

Victoria Beckham was undergoing her Saturn Return, and transit Pluto was Conjunct her natal lunar North Node, signalling major shifts and transformation ahead.

In an interview, talking about his move to Spain, David says “…my family is definitely going to enjoy living here…”, and the irony is not lost on us that that is completely the opposite of what transpired for his family.

They moved to Madrid, Spain, in July 2003, with Victoria concerned about where they were going to live, and what schools they would find for their children, etc.

The President of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, welcomed David, and likened him and his fellow Galácticos to the high-rise tower blocks visible from his office window, which impressed David.

The day David Beckham was signed on 2 July 2003, he wished for things to be low-key, but he arrived in the city as if he was the President of the United States.  We note transit Sun was Square his natal Jupiter at this time, indicating the possibility of promotion, good fortune, and success, but also requiring a measure of modesty and moderation. This was not to be the case, with everyone who was anyone turning out for the spectacle and occasion.

David recalls, however, how daunted he was to meet Luís Figo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo Názario, Zidane, Michel Salgado, on their first day of training. They in turn were not sure where David would slot in, or why the President of the Club had bought Beckham. They already had Figo on the Right as Midfielder, and he was not intimidated by Beckham’s presence. In Florentino Pérez’s own words, Beckham tripled their revenue earnings, just by taking the Beckham/ Real Madrid brand on the road to do promotional tours all over the world. At one point they had 10,000 people camped outside their hotel at 04:00am in the morning. As Roberto Carlos put it, they were received more like a Rock band than a Football team.

Victoria on the other hand endured all sorts of criticism for not being entirely enthralled with Spain, for not being there right from the beginning. Although, she claimed it was never about Spain, but instead having to think of the needs of their children.

Then to make matters interesting, Carlos Queiroz, who was instrumental in ousting Beckham from Manchester United, was appointed as the new Manager and Coach for Real Madrid. David was shocked. He would be starting his career at Real Madrid playing for the same Manager who did not want him in his previous team. He talks about having that Virgo 6th House Cusp sick feeling in his stomach having to play his first match, the pressure and performance anxiety was huge. The Galácticos talk about the expectations on them to win as being crazy and fanatical, by fans who viewed football as a religion.

First away game RCD Mallorca vs Real Madrid (24 August 2003), Beckham was made to play further back because Figo had his position, and David couldn’t do it, which saw him substituted within less than an hour. Two players in the same position, was a problem. Mallorca won the match. David was miserable and had no family to go home to. Astrologically, the transits reveal the Moon was Out Of Bounds, which always seems to be synonymous with feelings of not belonging. The Sun was squaring his North Node at the time, unfortunately requiring some sacrifice, putting ego on the backburner, but instead David felt resentment towards Victoria for not being there for him. The beauty of the South Node/Venus synastry aspect, however, is the need for the two individuals to embrace their own individuality, so one person is not holding the other back from fulfilling their dreams.

Michel Salgado recalls how David’s Real Madrid team-mates rallied round him, when they realized he was hurting and not settling in. Even the language barrier between them did not hinder them from bonding and getting along. As Michel puts it, it is sacred to feel wanted, loved by your team-mates, a part of the dressing-room. Therefore, at the next game against Mallorca (27 August 2003), the first home game at Bernabeu Stadium for the 2003/2004 season, David wanted to prove to the Real Madrid fans that he belonged on the team and could contribute in a significant way.  David points out that his family was there at that match, and in his words “…then I felt safe…”. David scored the final goal at the 73rd minute, and he was the man of the moment, proving to his team-mates and fans that he had what it took to score on his home debut. The Moon was no longer Out Of Bounds, and transit Mercury was Trine his natal Midheaven giving him clarity of where he was going with Real Madrid.

Everything seemed to be going well up until that point, and then the press broke news of stories alluding to Beckham having an affair, and suddenly his and Victoria’s marriage were in the spotlight, forcing them to face pressure they had never faced before. 

The producers left Episode Three hanging on this point for dramatic effect, making everyone wait for Episode Four for them to share more about this private area of their lives.

Episode Four that followed is titled “What Makes David Run”.

If you enjoyed reading this third instalment of the four-part Astrology Enthusiasts’ Astro-Guide to the popular Netflix Documentary Series, ‘Beckham’, then you may look forward to reading the rest of the Astro-Guide here on Astrology South Africa’s Blog.

Written by Deborah-Anne Swanepoel – Cigno Astro ©
For Astrology South Africa
20 May 2024

[Image: Beckham’s name superimposed on Beckham’s Natal Chart in Black; The Astrology Enthusiasts’ Astro-Guide to the Netflix Documentary Series, ‘Part Three’, Cigno Astro Logo; Astrology SA Logo]
[Image Credit: Deborah-Anne Swanepoel – Cigno Astro]

Errata: Astro-Guide to the Netflix Documentary Series, ‘Part Two’:
David and Victoria Beckham renewed their Wedding Vows in a romantic intimate setting with family in 2006 – (not 4 April 2004).

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