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Astrological Insights: Liz Truss and the Path to UK Prime Ministership

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In this intriguing blog post, Nathan Naicker delves into the astrological factors influencing the UK's political landscape and the rise of Liz Truss as Prime Minister.

The analysis revolves around the annual mundane chart for 2022, which reveals potential challenges in the administration following a loss related to the Monarch.

The post explores key planetary alignments, including the presence of Yama yoga and the Kālasarpa Yoga, highlighting potential resignations, decline in popular support, gridlock, and financial disruptions.
These celestial configurations indicate a significant shift in leadership and uncertain times ahead.

Nathan discusses the influence of Venus (Śukra) in relation to Liz Truss and the opposition party.
Venus represents both financial dynamics and opposition, suggesting potential self-inflicted damage and disruptions to alliances. The post also reveals critical dates for Truss’s stability and reputation, pinpointing periods of potential instability.

At the end if the article, Nathan give reasons why Rishi Sunak would be a better and more likely choice as the next PM than Boris Johnson.

To gain a deeper understanding of the astrological analysis and its implications for Liz Truss and the UK’s political landscape, click to read the full post here:

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