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Astrologer of the month March 2024

Meet Nedret, our Astrologer for March 2024, she brings celestial guidance and transformative insights.

Welcome to the realm of celestial guidance and transformative insights. From a young age, Nedret (aka Neds) was captivated by the mysteries of Astrology, mentored by her father, a Geographer-turned-Astrologer, who ignited her passion with basic literature on the Sun signs. Delving deeper, under his tuition Nedret learned the intricate art of calculating and drawing natal charts by hand, embarking on a personal odyssey of discovery that evolved into her life’s calling.

After many years of dedicated self-study, Nedret embarked on her journey by pursuing formal training at Astro Logos UK under the esteemed guidance of Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. It was here that she received her initial certification in Astrology, setting the foundation for her professional journey. Now, with over 16 years of experience in astrology consulting, Nedret holds diplomas in Astrology from both AGE (Astrological Guild of Educators International Inc) and Astro Logos UK, each awarded with distinction. Residing in Silver Lakes, Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa, alongside her husband and two majestic Bernese Mountain Dogs, she provides her consulting services globally through online platforms.

In tandem with her astrological pursuits, Nedret has seamlessly integrated the wisdom of astrology into her career as an E-Business Manager in a parastatal nature-conservation organization. With a deep-seated philosophy of aiding both animals and humans, she sees her role in nature conservation as supporting the eco-system for animals and plants, while through astrology, she empowers individuals. Throughout her career, she has leveraged astrological insights to drive project success, orchestrating teams aligned not only in their professional expertise but also in harmony with their individual astrological profiles.

Her academic accolades include degrees in B.A. (Languages), B.Sc. (IT), B.Sc. Hons (IT), and M.Sc. (IT Management), all attained with distinction. Yet, amidst her scholarly achievements, Nedret recognizes that true wisdom lies in kindness, and she continually strives to deepen her understanding of both herself and the universe.

Whether seeking metaphysical guidance or pragmatic insights, Nedret invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with her as their guide. Contact her today (link to to schedule a consultation and unlock the potential written in the blueprint of your stars.

Nedret offers a range of consultation services tailored to meet your unique needs:

  1. Natal Chart Interpretation: Gain profound insights into your life’s blueprint through an in-depth analysis of your birth chart.
  2. Predictive Work: Navigate current and future cycles with clarity and foresight to make informed decisions.
  3. Children’s Astrology: Empower yourself as a parent by understanding and nurturing your child’s potential through insightful astrological guidance.
  4. Electional Astrology: Optimize the timing of important life events by choosing auspicious moments to embark on new endeavors.
  5. Relocation Astrology: Explore the potential impact of different geographical locations on your life journey, helping you make informed decisions about where to live or travel.
  6. Relationship Astrology: Uncover the dynamics of your relationships and enhance compatibility with your partner through insightful astrological analysis.

Each consultation is meticulously crafted to provide you with actionable insights and empower you to navigate life’s complexities with confidence and clarity.

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