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The Astrology of Storm Ciaran – 1 to 4 November 2023: mighty cylone bomb.

Astrological Signature - Storm Ciaran which rampaged across the Southern England and North Western Europe Shortly before midnight on 1 November 2023, a mighty cyclone bomb hit the UK, the Channel Islands and Western Europe. The most havoc was wreaked on 2 November. By 4 November things the storm had subsided leaving much damage in its wake. If you would like to see graphic footage of the storm, I recommend this four minute BBC video on Youtube.

Shortly before midnight on 1 November 2023, a mighty cyclone bomb hit the UK, the Channel Islands and Western Europe. The most havoc was wreaked on 2 November. By 4 November things the storm had subsided leaving much damage in its wake. If you would like to see graphic footage of the storm, I recommend this four minute BBC video on Youtube.

Astrological Signature

First let’s look at chart for 1 November 2023 at 10pm for Brest on the North West coast of France.

Stationary planets are of great importance in weather astrology.

Destructive Pluto stationed direct on the 11th of October 2023 and on the 4th of November 2023, Stormy Saturn stationed direct. Pluto is associated with destructive weather and Saturn being stationary can bring a decrease in barometric pressure, an increase in cloud cover and long duration rain. The UK Met office stated that the barometric pressure at the start of the storm was so low that it broke a record low set in 1916! The lowest it’s been for more than one hundred years.

Thus Storm Ciaran was bookended by Pluto stationing in mid-October and Saturn stationing in early November. Storm Ciaran has been termed a bomb cyclone – so intense was its impact.

  • In the UK, especially Cornwall and Devon in the south of England, many homes lost power, roofs were blown off and trees toppled to the ground. Winds reached 160 kph.
  • Winds of up to 180 kph slammed into France’s Atlantic coast and 1.2 million French homes lost power.
  • There was heavy rain and flooding in Italy around Tuscany.
  • Greece experienced heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail.
  • Wild fires in Valencia, Spain, caused 800 people to be evacuated.
  • Hailstones the size of golf balls broke windows in Jersey
  • Belgium, the Netherlands and Slovenia were also affected.

Notice that we have Venus in Virgo in the 4th house double applying to Neptune in Pisces retrograde in the 10th house by opposition. If you look on the left hand declination strip, you’ll see that Venus and Neptune are almost at 3 degrees of declination, one North and one South. Declination is the dance of the planets North and South of the Celestial Equator – the Earth’s Equator projected up into the sky. This is termed contra-parallel and is given the same weight as an opposition.

Hard aspects between Venus and Neptune are associated with the greatest precipitation of the season. Late on the evening of the 1st of November, we find Venus on the 4th house cusp applying to Neptune on the 10th house cusp by opposition – these are the angles of the chart set for Brest, France. At the same time, we have Venus and Neptune applying to an exact contraparallel, which happened on the 2nd of November. You will see that on the Declination strip next to the astrology chart. There were vast amounts of rain as well as hail the size of golf balls in places.

The Moon, which is the minute hand in weather astrology and THE rainy planet, activated this Venus Neptune opposition. At 8am on the 1st of November the Moon squared Venus, and at 1pm on the same day, it squared Neptune. Rain being added to flood rain!

At 10pm, the rain-bringing Moon changed sign into rainy Cancer  – coinciding with the heaviest downpours of the storm. Once the Moon moved into the dry sign of Leo on 4 November, the rains subsided.

By the 3rd of November at 11pm France time, Venus and Neptune completed their opposition aspect.

This is part of the freak rain signature of Storm Ciaran, which began whilst Venus and Neptune were applying to each other by longitude opposition and declination contra-parallel.

As in natal astrology, the angles of are major importance in weather astrology. The 4th house is literally the ground beneath our feet and is the most important house in weather astrology. The next most important angle is the 1st house which is the identity of the place. The 7th and 10th house are the lowest ranking angles, but still worth noting.

Notice in the above chart that we have destructive Pluto in the 7th house receiving a trine from Venus in the 4th house.

Storm Ciaran intensifies on 2 November 2023

Three hours later, at 1am on the 2nd of November 2023 in Brest, France the Sun, Mars and Neptune have reached the 4th house cusp – the most important house when it comes to judging the weather.

All three planets are in Scorpio – the most stormy of all the signs. Scorpio is associated with temperature extremes, violent winds and either huge downpours or extreme dryness. The Sun at 9 degrees of Scorpio rules the Leo cusp of the important 1st house. Mars powerfully dignified at 14 Scorpio rules the most important 4th house cusp, and Mercury is at 17 Scorpio.

Notice that all three of these planets in Scorpio are applying to an opposition firstly with Jupiter 10 degrees of Taurus and then with Uranus at 21 degrees of Taurus.  The conjunction of Jupiter and Taurus is one of the mighty aspects of 2024. Jupiter and Uranus reach exact conjunction on the 24th of April 2024. The Jupiter-Uranus signature in weather astrology is one of weather disruption. They indicate high barometric pressure followed by descending air currents from high atmospheric strata resulting in extreme changes in the atmosphere: high speed winds, low temperatures, electromagnetic disturbances including Aurora Borealis displays.

On the 1st and 2nd of November, they are still 11 degrees apart and you may be wondering why we are paying any attention to them. The reason is that the fast moving planets in Scorpio – Sun, Mars and Mercury – are connecting these two planets and thus activating the weather associated with Jupiter conjunct Uranus. The technical term is translating: the faster moving planets in this case Sun, Mars and Mercury first aspect Jupiter by opposition, and then go on to aspect Uranus.

And from early in the morning on the 2nd of November, Storm Ciaran unleashed spectacularly powerful winds powered by extremely low barometric pressures. Giant waves crashed over harbour walls, vast amounts of rain poured down, and the aurora borealis was also visible in most parts of England – which is fairly unusual.

The Sun adds lightning to the mix. Mars is associated with turbulence in the atmosphere, temperature extremes and fires and storm winds especially when it is linked to windy Mercury. 800 people were evacuated in Valencia, Spain on 2 November because of a rampaging wild fire. Mercury is the planet that brings strong winds.

On the 28th of October, Mars opposed Jupiter and it will oppose Uranus on the 11th of November.

On the 29th of October, Mercury opposed Jupiter and it went on to oppose Uranus on the 4th of November.

On the 3rd of November, the Sun opposed Jupiter and it will oppose Uranus on the 13th of November.

In addition, Mercury was parallel to Mars on the 28th of October at 15 degrees South declination. This is when both planets are at the same declination and carries the same weight as a conjunction in weather astrology. On the 29th of October, Mercury conjoined Mars at 11 degrees of Scorpio by longitude. Here we have wind and turbulence starting to build.

On the 2nd of November, Mercury was contraparallel to Uranus at 17 degrees declination North and South – record breaking winds. On the same day, we have Venus contraparallel to Neptune at 3 degrees declination North and South – freak rain, hail and flooding.

Notice that Stormy Saturn is sitting in the angular 7th house – warning us of a storm. Saturn is also moving very slowly as it would station direct on 4 November – thus emphasising its cold and stormy nature.

The Moon is the hour hand in weather astrology and indicates fine tuning and rain. The Moon is now in rainy Cancer, and has trined Saturn at 11pm on the 1st of November – indicating storm rains. The Moon moves on to trine the trio of planets in Scorpio: Moon trines the Sun on the 2nd of November, it trines Mars and then Jupiter on the morning of the 3rd of November. Thus adding rain to these planets in stormy Scorpio.

Watch out for more storms: Late December 2023 to mid January 2024

The next activation of the applying Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus will happen in late December 2023 and January 2024. This time it will be by trine from the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Capricorn which can also bring destructive unseasonal weather. This will be winter in the Northern Hemisphere so it suggests unpleasantly cold winter storms over these weeks. Hopefully the trine aspect and the greater distance between Jupiter now at 5 Taurus and Uranus at 19 Taurus will somewhat lessen the severity.

Here is the Southern Hemisphere, we will have entered our Summer Season and we need to flip the signs because in weather astrology the signs are very strongly configured to the seasons. We will have Jupiter and Uranus in Scorpio being activated by Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer. That’s a lot of water for those of us living south of the Equator! Plus the weather disruption combo of Jupiter and Uranus are in the sign of Stormy Scorpio! This could indicate some severe lightning storms especially in the western part of the Country which experiences summer rains with afternoon lightning storms at this time of year with the possibility of floods.

Here is the breakdown of the activation of the Jupiter Uranus applying conjunction:

  • Mercury Direct trines Jupiter – 8 December 2023
  • Mercury Retrograde trines Jupiter – 18 December 2023
  • Sun trines Jupiter – 27 December 2023
  • Sun trines Uranus – 10 January 2024
  • Mars trines Jupiter – 12 January 2024
  • Mercury Direct trines Jupiter – 19 January 2024
  • Mercury Direct trines Uranus – 28 January 2024
  • Mars trines Uranus – 30 January 2024

We also have a fair amount of stationing planets in December and January – which will book end and add to the activation of the Jupiter Uranus weather disruption.

  • Neptune stations direct – 6 December 2023 – Freak Weather – especially precipitation
  • Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn  – 13 December 2023 – wind factor with Capricorn adding storm potential
  • Jupiter stations direct – 31 December 2023 – Part of the Weather Disruption signature
  • Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius – 27 January 2023 – winds
  • Uranus stations direct – 27 January 2024 – Part of the Weather Disruption signature

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