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Transits 2023

We are now in the Scorpio Full Moon Solar Eclipse, a time of transformation when we let go of things that no longer serve us. Embrace vulnerability, while also staying true to yourself and releasing your grip.

We are just entering the Scorpio Full moon Solar eclipse this is a period of transformation of that that suits us no longer. Be vulnerable but also be authentic and let go. Then irritations will fall away, and new support will be able to enter our space and elevate us with their generosity and change will become easy.

Important planet movements for November 2023.
Saturn stations direct on 4 November it just wet its toes making a brief entry into Pisces, testing the waters. We found that the foundations were no longer rock solid and grumbling beneath our feet. Take a moment and ask yourself? Do I accept responsibility? What is my responsibility? We need to learn to respond with compassion and let go of fear. Saturn is a great mentor, and he will guide us to grow.

Venus moves into her own sign Libra, relating with others through our values, money, and love. Venus is more rational and in the diplomatic sign of Libra balance in connections can be attained. It must be a conscious choice, to compromise to have harmony in any association we desire.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on 10 November be mindful of just blurring out the truth, Sagittarius is very honest and Mercury is a rascal that can put you in an awkward situation. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius and can leave you scattered and create a foggy haze.

The new moon is on 13 November and finally, the energy of both eclipses wears off. Although we are still in the sign of Transformation Scorpio. In absolute longitude Scorpio is the 8th house thus we need to change the opinions of others about our values, let manifest this to come about.

The Sun ingress into Sagittarius on 22 November and we shoot that arrow into the air, to find its destiny.

When we aim at our ideals, we need to ensure that our ideals are personal, and aligned with our purpose, and intent, while following the direction we want to travel in. We hope to strike true and not hit a hot air balloon and let it all fizzle out.

The Full Moon is on 27 November the instinct to travel and enjoy new vistas and horizons. The urge to explore and determine just to see where our emotions will lead us. We discover with carefree abandon and maybe other people finally get us.

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