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NEPTUNE STATIONS @ 14:21 SAST on 5/12/2023

NEPTUNE STATIONS @ 14:21 SAST on 5/12/2023

NEPTUNE STATIONS @ 14:21 SAST on 5/12/2023

Being in harmony with the rhythms and the cycles of the planets and nature brings immense gifts. What is Neptune offering us right now as she appears to stand still, imprinting her archetypal energy in the sky above us? Neptune rules our imagination, creativity, visions, ideals, spirituality on the one hand, and on the other can be illusionary and vague with a tendency to make plans and boundaries dissolve. Our best response to Neptune is to be playful, childlike and spiritual, to hold onto our dreams, visions and ideals and to maintain a sense of flow, love and openheartedness.

Tomorrow on 6 December, the Virgo Moon will oppose Neptune, shining its momentary light on all that Neptune has to offer. I suspect Neptune at station, with the Virgo Moon so closely involved, albeit brief, may temporarily play havoc with our plans, causing some delays confusion and making things unclear. Virgo, being more about earthy and practical matters, rules our daily routine, habits, standards, a need to be perfect and in control. Neptune’s opposition is almost like a tongue-in-cheek chuckle at the organized energy of the Virgo Moon.

Typically at this time of the year, anxiety is high, there is mania in the air and we are frequently in a state of disconnect, being too much in our heads, caught up in the mayhem of our material needs and practical responsibilities. We can get really bogged down, serious, worried and anxious. If you find yourself affected by the fuzzy energy of Neptune in one way or another in the next few days, don’t resist. Take a step back and see if you can open to the potential gift. Rather stop, listen, breathe, appreciate and feel the connection with everything around you. If you are able to, take your shoes off, lie on the grass, say a prayer for the world, talk to your plants, play with your children or dog, do something creative, or meet up with a long-lost friend.  Maybe you will find it so enjoyable that you will be inspired to add more of this playfulness into your daily routine when Neptune goes direct at 15:22 SAST on 7 December 2023.

Wishing you all a playful, loving and meaningful holiday season ❤

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