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Movements of Planets for April 2024

The movement in the planets is so exciting this month, with Mercury retrograding and turning direct in a fire sign. We have a Solar Eclipse following last month's Lunar Eclipse. Venus changes signs twice, while Mars is moving into Aries his domain. The usual Full Moon and New Moon, discussions are followed by a new titbit, the Fixed Star Al Hamel in the Head of the Aries Constellation.

We start the month with Mercury station retrograde, in Aries, so far with Mercury in Aries things have been happening fast, sometimes faster than expected. Mercury entered its shadow period, and from mid-March, communication slowed down, and the signing of contracts was delayed or even postponed, for some unknown reasons.

Mercury Rx is notorious for electronic and communication devices going haywire, along with technical glitches and problems that arise from nowhere. Typical Mercury Rx experiences are miscommunication and slipups, sometimes called Freudian slips. We hear something different from what was intended, or our messages come across in a distorted way from what was meant.

If you were born with Mercury Rx then deeper insights or being more accurate, is possible for you. However, Mercury Rx is ideal for returning to anything from the past to redo, revise, or restore. Look at a re-launching of something, that book, a product, or ideas. This is also the perfect time to turn inward to find answers and solutions from within.

As with things in Fire signs, it burns brightly and is over quickly, Mercury Station Direct on 25 April but can still have an adverse effect until mid-May when it goes out of the shadow.

Then we have Venus entering Aries, and her pace picks up considerably because things move fast in Aries. Make sure to co-operate with your partner, friend, or lover, because an uncooperative partner will not be tolerated. Make sure to create occasions for joint fun and relaxation, because it is a time to be generous, enthusiastic, and lively. Try not to be selfish during this time it may cause problems for you. Risk-taking with money can cause financial losses, see if you can get a second source of income and curb spending at this time. Maybe look at what worked in the past, while we redo things this month.

The big news everywhere was the Lunar Eclipse last month and the coming Solar Eclipse on 8 April which falls over the New Moon period. The effect of an eclipse bears more influence on a Mundane chart than on a Natal chart, unless you were born during an eclipse, then also it needs to be closely aspected in your natal chart 1° orb.

According to Deborah Holding, website:  If eclipses fall in Aries or a fire signs. It signifies, the death of eminent people, discords, wars, and fires. It also brings controversies of religion, and plague to cattle, sheep, and goats.

There is also a Fixed star involved called Al Hamel, The Sheep. It is in the constellation of Aries although currently in the Zodiac at 6° Taurus 32’. In the Aries Constellation, it is situated in the forehead of the Ram and is symbolically called the death wound, it causes violence brutishness, and premeditated crime according to Ptolemy – (The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology by Vivian Robson)

Watch out, because, with a New Moon in Aries, things in Aries happen quickly, we can quickly act if action needs to be taken. We can be courageous if needed but beware of being impulsive and accident-prone. Emotional responses can be too drastic because big issues arouse passionate feelings. Because there is a distinctive need for action, and temper could be a problem, channel these into positive directions.

Sun ingress into Taurus on 19/ 20 April. The Sun in Taurus loves luxury and good company and demonstrates excellent business sense. Remember we are still in Mercury retrograde, even if things look like it is making good business sense, it is always good to double-check the figures. The Sun is starting to move more patiently, reliably, and determined direction, use this in your decision-making this month to set up fixed goals.

The Full Moon falls on the Taurus and Scorpio axis, and the Sun in Taurus is looking to manifest its values and resources during this time, “I want to possess things to have physical security”, whereas the Moon in Scorpio is looking to maintain its emotional security. This can create challenging situations in life because both are valid in different ways. The instinct to overreact when triggered can be extremely powerful. A happy medium here is called for, look where this axis plays out into your chart, houses are important to this issue.

Venus burns through Aries and moves into Taurus on 29 April an auspicious day for me as it is my wedding anniversary. Venus had a lot of dignity here through rulership. This can be a period of loving, warm, and affectionate time showing your sensual and romantic side. Don’t be possessive of your partner’s attention or time, they don’t belong to you, they contribute to your security and stability. Rather show gratitude for their love and patience.  It is time to work hard for your money to achieve the level of luxury and comfort that you deserve. Relax by visiting the theatre, a music show, or your favourite restaurant.

The final movement for the month is Mars moving into Aries the sign it rules on 30 April. In Aries, we will suddenly be powerful and become invigorated, ready to take on the world, “get up and go” type of energy.  We suddenly have this power to take bold assertive action. Don’t force the issues, to fight to get the upper hand.

Take the right action, it may be difficult to consider other people’s feelings and be tactful. Direct that energy even the sexual energy into positive relationships. It can be a lot of fun to create sharing experiences rather than to go at it alone. 

Have a wonderful April, and watch out for the first of April, called “April Fools’ Day” because the jokes are on you, and it may return with Mercury retrograde on the 2nd of April this year. Jokes aside be safe and be open with those around you.

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