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Moon the Great Mother

This month we peek at the myths surrounding the Moon, how the Moon and Sun dance around each other, and how the phases of the Moon influence the psyche of humans. Then a quick look at how the Moon acts through the signs.

In a book entitled “Aradia the gospel of the Witches” by Charles Leland. He wrote that there were originally two forces of nature, the female or Moon called Tana or Diana, and the male the Sun by Lucifer. Tana chased after Lucifer across the sky until she caught him became pregnant, and bore Aradia their daughter. This gave fodder to many legends, where the female principal is the aggressor on a quest to catch the male principal, make love to them, and sacrifice them with their stones and sickles (shaped like the Moon).

Dane Rudhyar, in his book “The Lunation Cycle”, describes the above process in less violent language. During the new moon, the moon is lost in the light of the Sun, not visible in the night sky.  Until a few days later a crescent moon appears. He says during the first quarter, the Moon is half full (looks pregnant), and the roundedness increases until the Moon comes face-to-face with the Sun. During the Full Moon, the Moon is the Sun’s equal in this position. In 3rd quarter when the Moon decreases light, it can serve the Earth by “seeding ideas”. But always slowly draws closer to the Sun yearning for his light, until she is exalted in his light and no longer visible.

The Moon serves as the receptacle for the Sun, a cauldron, that hold the subconscious part of humanity, it is also associated with memory, everything we have experienced is stored, within the womb of Mother Moon. Our feelings, habits, and the part that subconsciously directs our actions, instincts, and the way we want to be nurtured.

The phases of the Moon are symbolic as it is related to the tides of the sea, the Moon holds a strong influence over the tides and has a similar effect on human emotions, a regular rise and fall. We often compare the phases of the Moon to the different stages of the evolution of a woman, the nymph, the maiden, the goddess with her fat belly at full moon, and the waning moon represents the old crone or wise woman.

Although the Moon is always equated with the women’s menstruation cycle, men in general do not escape the influence of the Moon. The lunar calendar indicates the four seasons that were used to plant crops and harvest ripe bountiful fruit, flowers, and grains to feed their families. It is after all the Feminine principle co-ordinating with the Masculine principle, and the interplay of energies like the symbolic yin-yan of Eastern traditions.

Looking at the Moon through the signs.

Moon in Aries

This is a positive placement because action will be taken, a quick reaction sometimes combines with a drastic emotional response. A hasty response can have dire consequences. A brave, and courageous person can risk life and limb when sudden action is required.  Impulsive tendencies need to be controlled because accidents can happen easily. Independence and the ability to encourage others is a good trait in this setting.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon is in exaltation when placed in Taurus, a very sensual and practical moon placement. This is where practical magic happens when the seeds are planted, and an instinctive reaction of growth follows.  There is a certain commonsense approach to life and throw in a bit of stubbornness, both material and emotional security are needed. A quick, defensive response when threatened, but can rely heavily on their partner.  Good food and comfortable living are essential. The question for the individual is, is there even a thing like too much chocolate?

Moon in Gemini

Verbal repartee, to certain situations, is a response to the Moon’s placement in Gemini. Instinct mixed with rational argument combined with some intuitive ability, and the adaptability of their communication becomes apparent. They tend to start too many things at once and may end in a puddle of messiness. They have a strong voice and can even be a chatterbox, this can be a resource in today’s age of online social media trends of being influencers.

Moon in Cancer

This is a natural placement in Cancer, and it is comfortable. This energy brings in high levels of emotional and intuitive levels, you can trust and rely on. Ensure that it is combined with some practical element, because they are worriers, and become apprehensive very quickly. The digestive system can be under pressure from this stress when the imagination is triggered negatively. They also come with a very quick but well-designed defense system, when challenged, so watch your step.

Moon in Leo

There is a special need to make the right impression, it is not needed, this is a hard lesson for them. These individuals often have well-developed leadership and organizational abilities. The emotional force is strong with a powerful intuitive and emotional expression. They do believe they can do anything and take over the situation and can be bossy and stubborn. They are an excellent source of inspiration and support for others and can be big achievers.

Moon in Virgo

This individual will have a great deal of practicality and extremely quick responses to situations, and they like to keep ahead of the competition. They can also be extremely talkative and can be extremely nervous when challenged. They do however have a way with words, creatively and critically, but they are fundamentally rational with common sense and very considerate to others.

Moon in Libra

Tack and diplomacy are a hallmark of this placement. They are empathetic and can easily understand the other’s point of view. They easily detach themselves from emotions, which can lead to loneliness. However, their kindness and willingness to listen, this attribute helps people calm down and relax. They can bring the best out in people, and make people feel at ease immediately. They can also pinpoint a point of injustice and make their voice heard, looking for allies and family to soothe their hurt feelings.

Moon in Scorpio

In this intense sign, the feelings are not as deep and can easily be riled up in response to all kinds of situations, either positive or negative. This outburst will surprise those who challenge them because they can be over the top or extremely powerful. This placement boosts both emotional and physical prowess, with an instinct to achieve success with determination. When their emotions are guided to more positive directions, they have great inner strength and resourcefulness, jealousy is a negative use of these emotional energies.

Moon in Sagittarius

With this individual there is always something going on, their response to circumstances is positive, enthusiastic, and optimistic. They move on quickly from a situation, with a, “I don’t care” attitude, they have this sense of restlessness and an outlook, “things happen it’s inevitable” that must be countered. They have a set of unique philosophical points of view that can be used to their advantage. They love to have their intellect to be stretched, but do they know more than they let on? Need to balance blind optimism with common sense.

Moon in Capricorn

This placement has strong practical qualities, such as common sense, determination, ambition, and the ability to enjoy the good things in life. There is a strong instinct to self-preservation and emotions are well under control.  They have a calm cool side to them and give low emotional responses at times, which gives them the tendency to aloofness. They have a wonderful dry sense of humour to soften up the strict expression.

Moon in Aquarius

Always a bit of magic in the air with this Moon placement, they are magnetically attractive. Although they seem cold and distant, they instinctively respond to a cry for help. They are extremely practical and always find a way through difficult circumstances. When challenged they can react unpredictably and unexpectedly, to what is expected from them. They have glamourous appeal and a romantic streak and have strong feelings but express them with total control. They are original with a spark of genius. 

Moon in Pisces

This placement puts the individual in touch with their emotional side, and they are easily moved either with great happiness or sadness. Their creativity will have an added touch of imagination and sensitivity in the way it is expressed. They are caring, and sacrificial and like to contribute especially if they are in the caring profession. They have a great understanding of those needing help or the underprivileged. They have a challenge with self-control and develop a habit to escape when faced with difficult painful circumstances, which can be hard to break.

Lucius Apuleius a Roman writer of the 2nd century AD wrote this love invocation to the Moon in his book called “The Golden Ass”.

…. you who wonder through many sacred groves and are propitiated with many different rites – you whose womanly light illuminates the walls of every city, whose misty radiance nurses the happy seeds under the soil, you who control the wandering course of the Sun and the very power of his rays – I beseech you, by whatever name, in whatever aspect, with whatever ceremonies you deign to be invoked… grant me repose and peace…


Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leyland

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Picture by A Gnostic emblem showing the Moon goddess – Luna Regia – from Jacob Bryant’s book “Analysis of Antient (sic) Mythology”.




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