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Renee Hlahle

Creme Constellation

BEd degree.
Business Administration Certification.

I began my professional career in teaching in 2016 which lasted for 2 years before I resigned from the profession, as I didn't feel motivated or inspired to do the work. Thereafter, I searched under many cracks and crevices for my "passion", for several years without anything sticking. Then during my Saturn's return I experienced a dark night of the soul that truly got me to dig deep and go within, and this is where I became introduced to tarot and astrology. Skeptical at first, I wasn't always a believer of these practices (nor did i know at the time that I was experiencing a Saturn's return), however in doing my research and self studying astrology from online teachers, I found them to be helpful in learning more about my life as well as the cycles of life itself. I have been a student and practicing astrologer ever since. I began with doing readings for friends and family, then earlier this year decided to launch my own astrology reading practice and offer the service to the public. Seeing how Astrology has changed the way I navigate my life, I couldn't keep this blessed tool to myself. For now I specialize in, Natal, Solar return and Lunar return readings using modern astrology techniques.


Testimonials from Rene's clients:

"I enjoyed listening to my solar return reading so much so that I just had to listen to it repeatedly because, it is so reassuring. The accuracy has me in awe. Most of the things picked up about my life are already in motion and it's amazing how Renee (Creme-Constellation) is able to pick that up. I've learnt so much about myself already through this reading. Thank you Renee (Creme!)"
- Petra

"Having done my Lunar Return Readings with Renee (Creme) for almost 9 months now, it has been a beautiful journey of monthly guidance's and predictions. Her readings are accurate. They assist as a guiding tool. Her advice is comforting."
- Mpumi

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