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Leonie Maritz

Zodiac Tarot

Certified Traditional Astrologer and Tarot Reader SUBLUNAR ACADEMY (with distinction)
BA Psych and English (UNISA Cum Laude)
Certified Life Coach (DIALOGUE SA)
Certified Graduate of The Magnum Opus Course (CENTRE OF APPLIED JUNGIAN STUDIES)

Leonie has spent over a decade educating herself on the psychological, spiritual and metaphysical world and its applications.

As a reader, facilitator and teacher she draws on the numerous areas of study and expertise to give a uniquely tailored approach to each client and student.

Leonie's work tends to focus on the shadow aspects of the problems and how to take intuitive action towards the desired outcome, thus resulting in an honest and empowering reflection.

With Jungian archetypal knowledge, traditional astrology and tarot, Leonie offers a deep and transformative analysis finished with coaching suggestions to understand and solve problems.

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