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Clesia van Zyl

Owner of Astrology SA, Former Vice Chairperson of the Cape Astrology Association (CAA).

Born a Crone and grew into my wisdom. I am a soul, a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, and friend, who has experienced changes throughout the years. To give support to those who experience changes, loss, and traumatic events has been, fulfilling to me. It brings me peace to my existence on Mother Earth.

Contact me for a Professional Traditional Astrology Consultation, it involves a birth chart reading and one year's predictions.

  • Astro-Meditation, balancing difficult aspects in your chart.
  • Astro-Coaching, to reach your full potential or your goals.
  • Other professional services I offer, are Tarot readings, Dream Analysis
    consultations, spiritual guidance support, and vibrational healing.
  • Join me on the 2-year Basic Beginners Course in Traditional Astrology.


My professional qualifications are as follows:

  • Professional Diploma in Astrology from Rod Suskin School of Astrology.
  • Advanced Astrology and Rectification under Laurie Naughtin.
  • Diploma in Jung Psychology at CG Jung Centre for Applied Psychology. Teaching English Diploma – London Teacher Training College.
  • Certified Life Coach – New Insights Life Coaching Africa. Ph.D. Doctorate in both Metaphysics & Parapsychology at the University of Sedona.
  • Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills - SACAP. Life Phases Course – Kay Taylor (Soul Path - Astrology)
  • Astrology Counselling Skills Course – Kay Taylor (Kepler College)

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