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December 2023 Planetary Movements

Planetary movement affects your birth chart. This is a stressful time of the year, we all need to get things done. When you feel the pressure check out how the Planetary movement affects your natal chart, and then you will know how to calmly respond to the difficult situations that crop up.

Mercury in Capricorn on 1 Dec gives us a reason to be practical in our ability to plan and think in a controlled and constructive manner. Financial schemes and plans come into focus. Communication may be a little stiff, as opposed to mere frivolous talk. Finding a balance will go a long way, to improving conversation with those around you.

Venus moving into Scorpio, on 4 Dec, Venus is perceived as vigorous and sexually very intense in Scorpio. Be gentler and bring in softness, because possessiveness and suspicion, can harm love relationships. Especially around this time of the year with a lot of festivities and year-end functions.

Neptune in Pisces goes direct on 6 Dec and all that internalized uncertainties, and ambiguity or obscurity that may have surfaced from the past finally start to clear. Neptune is a slow dissolving process that affects every house in your chart in a different way. We have been going over this a long time with Neptune in retrograde and hopefully, the fog clears when Neptune turns direct.

During this New Moon on 13 Dec just entering Sagittarius brings that energy of being high-strung, fiery, and fidgety. We are all capable of passionate enthusiasm about ideas and honest values, time to plant that seed of adventure. Keep in mind that keeping things in perspective goes a long way.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Capricorn on 13 Dec- just checking in on what we have been doing the past two weeks. Did we focus on speaking reasonably and relevantly on socially important matters, as opposed to mere trivial talk? Did we aim our intellectual activity and communication to be harnessed to a concrete purpose or a specific goal?

Sun Ingress Capricorn 22 Dec, where the Sun is less-than-stellar in this sign ruled by Saturn. There may be coldness and reticence surrounding us as the Sun moves out of Sagittarius where it feels spontaneous and excited. Traditions and a sense of duty may become the focal point and what may be expected from us. We still have some of the shiny festival bling, shrug off the shiver, and enjoy the festival season.

Mercury retrogrades back into Sag on 23 Dec, Mercury is essentially analytical in nature its opposite sign where its strength lies is in Gemini. It does not reconcile Sagittarius’s expansive view easily. Nonetheless, there is bound to be a desire for expanded knowledge, leading to an intellectual quest for enlightenment. Maybe we missed something last month in our quest to be precise.

Full Moon 27 Dec Sun Capricorn and Moon in Cancer, culminating that instinct to bring things home, to be domesticated and nurturing, in a secure and stable environment. Putting the dreaminess and intuitive things on hold, for practicality and structure. This is that time of the year to rest and reflect as the flow becomes restricted for a while.

Jupiter in Taurus goes direct on 30 Dec and the focus returns to wealth or lack thereof, especially when Jupiter in Taurus would like to be more fortunate financially. Concern about material and financial issues to maintain the status quo, instead of more spiritual aspirations. Perhaps we can manifest “enlightened materialism”, be more generous towards people, or support and preserve institutions of culture, learning, or social welfare. 

Happy Holidays!!!

Clesia van Zyl



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