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Moon the Great Mother

This month we peek at the myths surrounding the Moon, how the Moon and Sun dance around each other, and how the phases of the Moon influence the psyche of humans. Then a quick look at how the Moon acts through the signs.

Lunar gardening

rice plantation, thailand, rice

The lunar calendar is a tool that helps gardeners determine the best times to plant, prune, and harvest their crops based on the moon’s phases. It is divided into four main phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. Each phase lasts approximately seven days. To read the lunar calendar, you need to […]

Dreams and analysis of dreams

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The unconscious mind plays a significant role in dreams. It is the part of our mind that operates outside of our conscious awareness, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Dreams are believed to be a manifestation of the unconscious mind, providing a glimpse into its workings. Dreams can reveal hidden desires, fears, and emotions that […]

Astrologer of the Month April 2024

This month Laurie Naughtin is the Astrologer of the month. Please read about our Internationally recognized and respected teacher, consultant, and mentor for many Astrologers around the world. She has been practicing for many years and serves the Astrological community, by sharing her love and knowledge. Read about her journey in her own words.

Movements of Planets for April 2024

The movement in the planets is so exciting this month, with Mercury retrograding and turning direct in a fire sign. We have a Solar Eclipse following last month’s Lunar Eclipse. Venus changes signs twice, while Mars is moving into Aries his domain. The usual Full Moon and New Moon, discussions are followed by a new titbit, the Fixed Star Al Hamel in the Head of the Aries Constellation.

Navigating Aries Energies in April: Insights and Guidance for Self-Exploration

Buckle up for an eventful journey through the celestial realms in April. Retrogrades and eclipses in Aries can present significant challenges, yet they also offer opportunities to tap into the positive energies associated with this dynamic sign. Aries energy is known for its inspiration, pioneering spirit, courage, enthusiasm, and independence. However, it can also manifest as impatience, anger, selfishness, and impulsiveness.

March Astrology in Review: A Focus on Mercury’s Mischief

Greetings, Astrology enthusiasts! It seems even astrologers can be forgetful sometimes! While March is almost over, the planetary movements during this period offered some interesting insights, particularly with the influence of Mercury.

Venus Queen of the Heaven

Venus is one of the ultimate Archetypes and so integral to our being we cannot differentiate between ourselves and our desires. We look at how the Venus Archetype features in our consciousness. If you have looked in the mirror or taken a ‘selfie’ Venus was right there with you, desiring to always look your best. It is no wonder because we base our relationships on how we look, and our looks attract certain types of people into our lives. Do they bring us lust, or do they bring us true love? Venus also dictates what and how we come by our possessions if we keep them or do we let them go. But we all need money or resources in some form or another. How does the Venus archetype feature in your Chart?

Movement of planets for March 2024

Little movement this month in the planetary spheres, but there will be a Lunar Eclipse around the Full Moon Period, take note of these energies and recharge for the year.

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