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Astrologer of the Month June 2024

Meet the President of Astrology South Africa, Clesia van Zyl, the Astrologer of the Month for June 2024, who brings her passion and expertise to every astrology consultation.

“Soul am I” is the motto of SIA Astrology, which I am enthusiastic about. As an astrologer, I show the way for those seeking meaning and purpose. Astrology is the language of the soul; therefore, purpose and meaning flow from the soul.

When I grew up, during my mid-life crises, or Uranus opposition, the realization struck me that I was to become an empty nester, my purpose and meaning of my life were grown up and moving out. I became a seeker.

I was working in the financial sector, and I was looking for something that excited me, I also realized that I would like to work with people.  My path led me to research and study anything New Age, but once I found astrology, I had to learn the language of the soul.

After a few years of soul-searching, and many astrology courses, Laurie Naughtin became my mentor and guide. It was through her guidance that I now run Astrology South Africa as a directory for other Astrologers. It became clear that astrology counseling is part of my future.

I am most proud of obtaining my doctoral degrees from Sedona University, in both metaphysics and paranormal psychology. Now I can combine my different modalities to guide others toward living a fulfilled life, especially Astro-Synthesis and Astro-Coaching.

My passion is studying, and I am an eternal student of Philosophy, Astrology, and Psychology, which all relate to studying people and the environment of the Cosmos. It is this knowledge and the wisdom of my experience that I like to share in my current Astrology Course.

Astrology South Africa came into my life, at the time when I was ready to set up my astrology practice, and I realized how difficult it is for newcomers to enter this field as a full-time Astrologer. I saw the need for a place for people to come to learn about astrology and find qualified, accredited astrologers who resonate with them.

I love walking on the beach, reading or playing with my animals,  and going on adventures in nature with my husband.

Contact me at for an Astrology or Tarot Reading.

Visit to read more about me and to learn more about Astrology.

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About the author

Picture of Clesia van Zyl

Clesia van Zyl

Studied Rectification under Laurie Naughtin.
Completed Professional Diploma in Astrology from Rod Suskin School of Astrology.
Tarot readings, Dream Analysis, Certified Life Coach.
Spiritual Teacher and Vibrational Healer.

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