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Astrologer of the month January 2024

The astrologer featured for January 2024 is Theoni Moraitis. We invite you to read about Theoni Moraitis this month. She is an extraordinary Astrologer and an amazing person.

Astrologer of the Month for January 2024 Theoni Moraitis

Theoni is an Astrologer from Gauteng, where she lives, with her family, along with her little Zoo of animals that keeps her busy and entertained, 6 dogs, 3 parrots, 4 ducks. She is an animal activist and will go out of her way to rescue and secure lost or injured animals.

From around 16 years old Theoni, dreamt of learning about astrology, and she said, “I always told myself before I die, I will accomplish this dream!” The opportunity found her at the right time almost 35 years later when she started her studies under the fabulous Laurie Naughtin at Sublunar Astrology.

Theoni chose the Traditional Astrology System because being Greek, she wanted to learn a system as close as possible to what her ancestors practiced. She did not find it easy to study Astrology, but with her teacher Laurie’s’ amazing support and boundless patience, Astrology became simple enough to ignite her passion for it.

Astrology is now listed as part of practices on her services page, along with being a Spiritual Hypnotherapist registered with the Traditional and Faith Practitioners of SA, Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Feng Shui Practitioner, Numerologist, Reiki Grand Master Healer, and Teacher. To round off the list she also teaches Self Mastery classes, from 1st year students to my 4th year students. 

Theoni says that it is important to have mentorship in your life. In her words. “I can’t narrow it down to one person, I have so many people to thank for teaching me so much in my life, from personal experience with people, learning from books and classes with great authors and teachers.

Theoni finds that it is a great time to be an Astrologer, our collective consciousness is so much more receptive now, than in the past. More and more people are becoming self-aware and mindful, but also pushing new boundaries in their lives. There is a great movement towards self-healing, and exploring consciousness currently.

An interesting story that Theoni shared about her own experience with Astrology. “I have a gorgeous twin sister, and although we are very similar in many ways, we are also so very different and unique. I always wondered what made us different and it’s only through Astrology in later years, with rectification of our charts, that we discovered that we were actually born on different days! My birth time was an hour and 23 minutes before my twin, who was born after midnight”.


Find out more details on Theoni on the Directory page.


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