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Astrologer of the Month April 2024

This month Laurie Naughtin is the Astrologer of the month. Please read about our Internationally recognized and respected teacher, consultant, and mentor for many Astrologers around the world. She has been practicing for many years and serves the Astrological community, by sharing her love and knowledge. Read about her journey in her own words.

My journey with Traditional Astrology, from a beginner until now an advanced teacher of the craft, has been, perhaps the most powerful and fulfilling years of my life.

I have studied and gained wisdom through many wonderful teachers right throughout my Astrology Career, a few, of whom have sadly left this life for another journey. After over 30 years of practice and teaching, I am honored to be selected as Astrologer of the Month by Astrology South Africa, thank you!

It was important for me to belong to an association like ASA, as this platform supported me in my growth. During my tenure as Chairlady and the Director, I did my best to keep ASA going, an association like ASA is a vital tool that supports all astrologers, from students to fully active practitioners. Without you, members of Facebook, Astrologers both new and experienced, we would not have the support and structure needed to grow in our practices.

I opened Sublunar Academy over 20 years ago so that I can share the knowledge that has been passed onto me with others. My ongoing ambition is to teach as many of my advanced skills to astrologers in need of growth; best of all is the fact that my Academy supports Astrologers who are ready to take on the gift of teaching beginners courses and introductory courses.

I enjoy consulting with my clients; Astrology has given me the most wonderful tools to help people navigate the twists and turns life challenges them with. My dream is to get as many people to love and want to learn about this magnificent study of how what is in the sky is literally transferred to Earth. My website is

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