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Sue Goutier

Astro - Numerologist

Astro - Numerologist

Through self-discovery, my own journey and deeply empathic nature I am blessed to have found that my passion is to assist and uplift others. Using the wonderful tool of Astrology, I guide each individual to recognise their strengths, sabotaging habits, triggers, cycles and karmic lessons. While tools like Astrology and Numerology give us a mirror in which we can see ourselves more clearly and a solid base from which to move forward, it is in that ah-ha moment of deeper understanding of ourselves that we are able to use free will in a more conscious way, thus helping us to rise above negative patterns shown in our charts that constantly repeat in our lives. Negative behaviours that we are not conscious of can disempower us. In addition to this, knowing and understanding changing cycles occurring at any given time is useful when setting goals and planning your future.

For those more stubborn and difficult-to-change traits, traumas and related emotions, I use a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique and energy work to assist in releasing these issues, bringing one into a place of emotional well-being. In most cases, this technique is highly effective in neutralising emotion around situations like difficult breakups, traumas, anxieties, fears or circumstances, memories of which may be replaying themselves constantly in your mind, running your life in the most haphazard way.

Through investing time in your well-being and exploring yourselves on a deeper level can bring meaning and excitement to your life, a new purpose for living and extremely self-empowering.

For those who are interested, I offer 5 week online courses on basic Traditional Numerology.